Hi from Brit’s in sunny California!

Hi everyone!
We’re currently stationed in the desert in California for my husbands work. When he told me he was going on ship in 2018 I decided that was the time to stop browsing THS & join up & escape the desert with our daughter & start having furry friend adventures!
We had flown our cat out with us but sadly lost him earlier that year. I still miss him like crazy but THS definitely fills a gap in our hearts.
We’ve continued to explore the west coast of America as a family & incorporated THS in to our travels. We’ve come across some wonderful people who are generous enough to share their homes & pets.
I honestly think this community is the best thing since sliced bread, we will forever be members!


Hi @JayneH … “The best thing since sliced bread” thank you. We are so sorry for the loss of your beloved cat, losing a furry family member leaves a very empty and sad place, pet sitting can put the joy back into our lives.

Welcome to the forum and to our community, forever members, we hope you have many more wonderful California experiences. Thank you for your introduction and for joining in the conversation, enjoy meeting other members from around the world and sharing stories and memories.

Where will your next adventure be taking you and your family?

Angela & The Team

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Welcome Jayneh :wave:

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Thank you Angela, it’s good to be part of a community that understand how hard it is losing a pet.
We return the UK the latter end of next year so we intend to British & European adventures (covid pending) but until then we’re always looking for opportunities out here!
Thank you for the warm welcome to the forum.

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One of my must visits places.

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