Any housesits without furniture?

I have never done a house sit, seeing as I am relatively new to this concept.

I do wonder if it’s possible to find a house sit for myself and my cat without furniture? Is that pie in the sky thinking?

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I’ve never seen a housesit without furniture. Sometimes the photos show no furniture, but that is usually because the photos are from a realtor listing, not the current house condition.

Almost all the houses here on THS are occupied by the homeowners, so they are furnished.

Why would you want an unfurnished house? You would not be able to bring your own furniture to the sit.


I believe that are not grasping the intent of this site. As a house-pet sitter it is about caring for your clients pet(s) while they are away in exchange for a place to stay. It is a very responsible position. For pet owners, It is a barter system to have someone care for your pet(s) and avoid expensive kennels and keeping you pet(s) at home with their routines. It appears as though you are looking for a place to live in and furnish yourself for free without the responsibility of house/pet sitting.

Wishful thinking and very naive.


@wandalust4ever If I dont’t ask I don’t get.

@69CandC can I just ask why you would want to sit at a home with no furniture? Where would you sit, eat or sleep?

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We are going to close this post as housesitting with THS means caring for pets in their homes which will most definitely be a home in every sense of the word.

Pet parents don’t leave pets at home without FURniture :wink: