Any idea why I'm getting low applications?

Hello. My trip is in about 3 weeks and we have yet to find a sitter. We had a few applications initially but they’ve fallen through mostly due to the applicant’s availability changing. Any ideas for how to generate more interest? Thank you in advance.


Hello @soarbach
I’ve had a look at your listing and a few things leapt out.
You only show a pic of the bunk beds, which people may have seen without reading that you offer another bigger option. I would include a picture of that.
The dogs are 55lbs, but you say they walk together well on leash. Do they pull at all? Walking 2 x 55lb dogs as a single sitter would be hard unless I walked them separately, which I’ve had to do on occasions. Can they be let off leash somewhere?
The main red flag for me is that you say they would sleep in the sitter’s bedroom with the door closed as they would chew in the house. This would put off a fair few sitters also, what’s to stop them chewing things in the house during the daytime?


Hello @soarbach,
I think you should put the photo of the 2 of them on the couch (#11) as your first image since it’s more eye-catching than the current one.

I would also explain better for how long they can be comfortably and easily left alone, as at first it looks like you’d prefer no longer than 2 hours, but then it says that that they are fine for up to 6.
Sitters prefer when criteria are accurately spelled out to avoid surprises.

Best of luck in your search. :smiling_face:

Hi @soarbach

You have been given some great advice here.

I would also like to suggest that you decline the sitters that can’t help (at the top of each conversation there is a box to click: Decline). This then takes them off your application list.

Once you have made all your changes, email and ask them to boost your listing. This will bring up a little New button on your listing and it will go to the top of the website once again.

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Thank you all! @Peonie19 I just assumed most people wanted to see the house as the first image. It seems most of the listings I’ve looked at show the house as the main image. And thank you @Therese for the suggestion to email support.