Anybody writing a blog about their house sitting adventures?

Hello all,

I love reading and hearing about other house sitting adventures/experiences.
Anybody here who writes a blog about them?

Thanks! Happy & safe house sitting adventures!!

( I have a more general travel blog with a few house sitting adventures on it so far:


Els, many sitters write blogs, you can see some of them on Vanessa Andersson (who is a member of THS too) FB group. Her magazine is very interesting


Thanks @Provence , I am already a member of Vanessa’s group and love it! I remember she posted a question about blogs a few weeks ago. A lot of interesting ones indeed. But there’s always room for more :slight_smile:


I’ve been meaning to post this feedback & now there are many more folk reading, now’s a good time.

I follow TH on Instsg & often have a look at the stories reposted at the top. Should we visit thier profile, some are ‘influencers’ :roll_eyes: with heaps of bikini pics. (I have no issues with bikinis etc and have a nice one thanks :sweat_smile:)

Just an idea, would you have a thought about folk who may not be interested. I think it’s the wrong message to send as it has nothing to do with housesitting.

I like seeing active sitters & was happy when a person the other day posted a pic of thier mtb adventures at MOAB. More of this please :sunglasses:.


@Els have you visited the site Blog? Thee are many member stories there, both owners and sitters and we are always looking for members to contribute their stories, after all they are the most interesting . Blog |

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Thanks @Angela-CommunityManager will have a look!

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There certainly are Els… There are so many interesting stories from house sitters and travellers and as Angela says THS have a blog too. I agree with @RunnerC, that house sitting is more than just bikinis and beaches. For many house sitting, experiences with the pets, and associated travel, is a lifestyle, and that involves so much more. It can provide huge inspiration for others to get involved both as home owners and sitters. For us it’s as much about what we do and learn culturally between our sits and the adventures we get to experience. We love to share those stories in the magazine. Good to see you here :slight_smile: