Anyone done cargo ship travel?

Not any obvious link to pet sitting but you are a great travelling community so why not?
In very early 2020, the OH and I started to plan a journey as passengers on a cargo ship. Yes, the timing is significant & needless to say it hasn’t happened. The whole concept was halted about 2 months into our planning but it is just starting to get going again, especially for 2023. Our original trip was Europe (probably Antwerp) to a SE USA/Gulf of Mexico/Florida or South Carolina port. It was to be our short taster trip before further Pacific, Far East & Australia voyages. We have always been keen seafarers so we’re pretty sure we will love this mode of transport but I’m keen to hear from anyone who has done this please.


Hi @Saltrams. Great topic! We came close to taking a cargo ship back in 2013 from New Zealand to Santiago, Chile, but couldn’t make it work.

I too would love to hear from others who have done this.


Funnily enough I looked into this as a way of getting to Australia and New Zealand but my timing was also wrong. I’m flying on Monday to New Zealand and will be ‘downunder’ probably until Spring 2024. I’d love to return by cargo/container ship if possible.
Thanks for bringing this up

Not my cruising choice … but interesting


Not yet!
That’s all I’m gonna say about that. :grin:

This hasn’t put me off at all. I’d find it interesting and far better than one of those huge cruise ships…


Can you imagine the incredible conversations?


This should give you some inspiration @Saltrams and @smiley

Lots of short articles but really interesting… Ian and I have thought about this as a bit of a travel adventure too! This one has a pool, reasonable food and lots of interesting conversation it seems. As someone who isn’t at all keen on cruises, this actually does appeal!!


Thanks @Vanessa-PartnershipsMgr. I’m going to seriously consider returning from ‘downunder’ this way. The only problem is that you can’t get a fixed date so would have to make sure you’ve enough time on visa


Super topic! I have been planning a cargo ship cruise from Rotterdam / Hamburg / Antwerp for the retirement of my ex-husband. Regretfully, Corona kicked in, but it is still on my schedule. There are about 12 cabins on a regular container or cargo-ship and sometimes, if you offer to work a bit, you get a better price. Depending on your experiences. My ex-husband was an air cargo man and knows a lot about the topic. I don’t, but it is worth trying it and see what is possible.

I think I am going to take this up again for future options :slight_smile:


I have read extensively about it. I’m really interested and as a long distance sailor it ticks a lot of boxes for me. I think this appeals more than a luxury cruise


Do please keep us informed here @ElsieDownie with your experiences. I’d love to return to the UK from Australia in Spring 2024 by container/cargo ship. The only issue is that you can’t guarantee the date one will leave, so it could be difficult if you have to be out of the country when your visa expires!