Anyone interested in house sitting in Canada?

I’m looking for a house sitter for my sweet cats for 3-4 months. They are both tabbies, orange and grey and As sweet and lovable as they get. They don’t require a lot, feeding twice a day and some love.

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Hi @Renee756 I hope you can find someone to sit for your sweet babies. I can’t find that you have signed up for a TrustedHousesitters membership yet, but if you need help, please reach out and anyone will be happy to assist you.


How do I do that? I’m struggling to maneuver through the website,

Thank you,


@Renee756 How to get started as a TrustedHousesitter | should help you with all your questions.

What months are you looking for someone?

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Hi @Renee756 If you need any help with joining, feel free to direct message me. You’d just need to click on my username (@Snowbird).

@Emmeelue84 it’s best that we be patient and first wait until this forum member establishes their TrustedHousesitters membership. Then we’ll suggest that they embed their listing so that all TrustedHousesitters members can view it. Similarly, you may wish to embed your sitter profile, if you are a TrustedHousesitters member. :slightly_smiling_face:

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