App Function Question

Posted in Sitters board ‘cos that’s what I am…

When I get an App notification of a newly posted sit that matches one of my saved searches and I select it, either the sit or the page shown below will come up. If it’s the page, then I select my search & it takes me to the list of sits matching my search. All good so far.
However, if I wander away from the page shown below by using one of the icons at the bottom, I can’t find the page again. I think I’ve looked on every available section of the App but I can’t reach this page where my saved searches are without clicking through from a notification.
It’s driving me mad now; what am I not doing/seeing properly? TIA

They changed it recently. Go to search ‘Find a sit’. Put your ‘cursor’ in the search bar and your saved searches will appear. They said it’s to bring things into line with other popular apps. I myself find it counter intuitive and have no other apps that I know of that act like this. I think the production team is fiddling while Rome is burning personally.


Thanks @Timshazz, I haven’t tried as I’m supposed to be grouting the terrace, as opposed to browsing the forum :wink: but I’m sure you’re right.
As you say, so much tinkering, so little achieved.