App vs Website Differences

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I think I’ve asked this before (maybe not on the forum), but nothing has changed. Currently references are in chronological order, which means my first ones showing are from 2014 and someone has to go to page 8 before they see my most recent ones. I do have lots of reviews, but references also add value, with the more recents ones being more relevant. Please consider displaying references in reverse chronological order, as is the case with reviews. Thanks. @Ben-Product


It’s the opposite when I look at our references. Our most recent sit references are at the top.

Thanks for letting me know, Annette. I’m guessing you’re viewing on your phone. I was looking on my laptop and they’re oldest to newest there. Now I’ve checked the app and they are in newest to oldest. @Ben-ProductManager here’s another difference between website and app for you to looking into. :thinking: Maybe my post will need to be moved to that category now. I didn’t think to check to see if there was any difference.

Hi Colin, this work has now been done and if you update the App you will now be able to see the membership badge within your profile. Thanks, Ben


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We have been working on App :iphone:improvements over the last couple of weeks and thought this forum thread would be the perfect place to announce that these changes have gone live.

  1. Fixed a few bugs :beetle:based on returning the relevant search results, this is where a member does a specific search and results are shown outside the search criteria. Thank you to everybody who reported this :pray:.

  2. Premium tier features. This has been flagged in the thread above. For members who have purchased a Premium tier the features now match the web experience. We have removed the Saved Search limit and have also added the Premium badge.

  3. Code of Conduct. We now have a consistent and coherent Code of Conduct across Web, App and the Blog. The content wording has been simplified and adjusted to encourage readability but the items remain the same.

  4. We have also had quite a few improvement requests on the App inbox :email:and we have tackled the top two requests. So, you can now click on links that are shared within the in-app messaging. You also can easily ‘copy and paste’ the content from the inbox messages.

  5. We have fixed how we display the age. Instead of actual age, we show 65+ and this is now consistent and matches the web experience.

More fixes coming and thanks for everybody’s comments on discrepancies between web and app and all the proposed improvements.



Many thanks to you and your team, Ben, for the work you have done and the changes/improvements you have made to the App.


Thank you, Ben! I especially appreciate you fixing the 65+ app issue! Thanks also to Vanessa and Angela!


Hi All,

As requested you can now click through the reviews left by Owners and Sitters. This helps build trust and legitimacy of the reviews and helps both sides of the network make a decision on applying or confirming. Aligns it with web where this functionality already exists.

More App updates coming soon! Have a good weekend and here is a photo of Flossy (my parent’s new Spaniel pup)


Hello Ben
I don’t know if this difference has been brought up before, but on my computer I’m only allowed to save 3 searches and would have to pay an extra £40 to upgrade in order to save more. That seems wrong since if I used the app I’d be able to save 10 searches.
Thanks for talking about this here.

True but it’s nothing new. We’ve always been able to save 10 searches on the app and only 3 on the website. I’ve got different searches on the website and the app and they pop up at either place now.

Hi Laura,

Yes, it would make sense to align with the web and have 3 saved searches on both platforms. We decided not to take away anything from the classic members so we are currently going to live with this inconsistency.
Thanks, Ben

Okay, but I don’t understand your mention of ‘taking sonething away’ from members. I don’t use a phone but a computer, and folks were talking about 10 saved searches that are available when using the app (even for a ‘classic’ member according to Snowbird.) So if I could have 10 using the app I don’t see the logic of not having them on the website, given the same level of membership. I guess I am missing things here.

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I didn’t read all posts so I don’t know if it’s been mentioned here. I had to cancel the sit for December this morning, because we can’t go on holiday in South Africa as of the new virus variant, and I couldn’t figure out how to do it on the website. It simply wasn’t possible to click on the button. With the app, however, it was really easy to do.

Is there a reason why on a cell phone you can view sitters captions in photos but on a desk top you cannot? Am I missing where one can view this on a desk top? Thanks

Hi @Libby2019 I’ve moved your question to this thread discussing app/website differences.

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Hi @Libby2019 You are are correct. It’s one of the differences that @Ben-ProductManager has mentioned before. I think it’s on the Christmas wish list (and that’s not meant to be sarcasm). No doubt they have a long list and some fixes have to take priority over others. I find that some of the photos in my profile could be puzzling to viewers, without seeing the captions. For some reason I’ve kept them there though. Maybe I’m hoping that it will get to the top of the list soon. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I think it’s more likely procrastination on my part.

Hi. I can attest to a major difference I’m hoping gets fixed soon.

When a sitter sends you pics on the app, the whole picture is there, but the HO can’t click on it to save it. Some of the pictures are so precious and dear, it doesn’t make sense why this simple thing isn’t on the app.

You have to go to the website If you want to save it. Here lies the major problem. It cuts off part of the picture taking away a huge part of what makes a pic. A pic. For example animals playing together etc. I will see if I have an example and post it.

The only option right now is to screenshot the app. Pic that was sent through the app. And then the pic isn’t as clear when printing it, or for other reasons. You can’t even save it to post on your site. This made my girls really sad as they wanted some of the pictures for their pet album, but sadly to blurry to print if screenshot’d and cut off if done through the website. Hope this gets fixed soon for all of us while truly love our animals.

Here are the differences in saving the photos.

The full pic is from the app screen shot’d. The second the website

Such a cute pic @Bri. I never send pics through the THS platform. Why not have your sitter text them or send them to your personal email address? That’s what I’ve always done.