Are Filter Dates Too Limiting?

I’m new on the site but experienced with home exchanges sites which operate a quite differently and are more useful, in my view.
I have my filters set to sit in Spain and Portugal March and April 2023. Yet I see nothing available when I look at my saved searches because no one in Spain or Portugal has posted for that time frame yet? Is that right?
I would have expected to see something for 2 countries over the course of 2 months. Am I not approaching this the right way? Thanks.

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It can be very limiting yes if it’s the only search you have saved. What I would suggest is creating a saved search for both of those countries without any specified dates. And you will be notified anytime those countries have a listing, not only for when it has a listing during that time frame. If the dates are off a little bit, you can always apply and then ask if there is flexibility in the home owners travel dates later on. For example, let’s say you want to visit a specific country from January 1 to January 30. There might be a listing for December 31 through February 1 which is only off by a day. It would be worth it to you to see the listing versus that listing not even being shown to you at all. Feel free to keep your filtered date search saved of course. But also have one saved that is general and flexible. Another thing I have noticed is that sometimes being too specific about dates and duration can make you miss out on really spectacular homes. For example, if there are specific destinations that I’d normally prefer to find a three week or more in duration petsit, I’ll still keep the search filter general. Because there might be a listing that pops up that is only three days long but is so amazing, one-of-a-kind or with such luxurious amenities that it’s worth just going even if it’s for only a weekend. Don’t miss out on things like private pools or free resorts, yacht or boat houses etc because your filters are too specific. You can always align another sit after or before it

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Yep, that’s what it means. If those are the only dates you want to consider, then that’s the way to do it. I’ve had saved searches for a few months of 2023 for France and Italy and rarely get any notifications because it’s just too far out right now. But the closer to the time you get, the more sits will be posted.

If you aren’t so worried about the exact dates, open it up to a wider range, or leave the dates off altogether.

Yeah I agree. It’s likely too far out as well. I forgot about that part. But you’re sure to see notifications for spring once we are in December. It seems like peak notifications are always posted about three months before the desired day

hI @Ilovechris, yes, that is correct. I also have saved searches for mid year 2023 so that when they get listed I will receive them. Many are not posting that far out yet as there are still concerns with COVID as well as travel issues at airports. Many are just waiting closer to their departure dates…I know this can be very difficult when trying to plan out your trip, but the World has changed so much in the last three years. Nothing is as it used to be…unfortunately!

Hang in there…you will start seeing them before long.

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