Are you a German speaking homeowner?


I would like to brush up on my english. For this I am looking for housesits in Europe where someone can also speak german. Is there anyone here? Or how can i find them?

Warm regards

Hi @Kristina - If you want to brush up on your English , the best way is to mix with people that only speak English. Totally immerse yourself in the language . Most importantly, Do not be worried about making mistakes, your English will almost certainly be better than their German!
I used to host students in my home that came to the UK to improve their English. Their initial main difficulty was always lack of confidence, once they managed to overcome that, it always amazed me how quickly their English improved!


DON’T choose someone who also speaks German!
My husband had an English teacher coming to our house twice a week and she also spoke German. It was a waste of money, because his English didn’t get better at all. When he didn’t know how to say something in English he simply switched to German because he knew she would understand.
He now takes online classes and his teacher doesn’t speak a word of German. Since he is forced to find words in English his speaking has improved immensely.
As a sitter choose sits in the UK. There’s nothing better than to practice everywhere you go.

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