Are You A Pickleball(er)?

In the last month I’ve heard the word Pickleball more than once but did not have a clue what it was, there’s no Pickleball in Scotland where I live, or at least I’ve not heard of it …

I’m currently in the Pacific Northwest on Bainbridge Island WA and this morning the game came up again in conversation with someone saying the court will fit in into a two car garage space, now I have one of those :wink: … I began to get a sense of just how popular it is.

It seems there are PickleBall communities everywhere and being a retired tennis player, retired as in my body and parts replaced don’t get me around a court like it used to, I began to think this is something I could get into.

It could also be something sitters might enjoy when on a sit, a way to meet the locals and who knows meet pet parents who may need to keep happy at home …

Are you a Pickleball lover, player, do you have a club or your own court and how would you recommend a newbie get started?

Remember … pictures speak a thousand words

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I am not a pickleball player, but my husband says the pickleball players at the gym are some of his favorite people. So fun and friendly.

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I first saw pickleball in 2014, on my very first THS sit in Arizona. I was fascinated. It has become increasingly popular where I live in Niagara Falls, Canada.

On another sit, again in Arizona but many years later, I first saw frisbee golf, officially called disc golf. Chatting with the players, I learned how serious the players can get, and how far they travel to play in tournaments. In just this past year, there has been a disc golf course installed in my home city.

It’s amazing what you can learn about on these house sits! :smiley:

Fastest growing sport in the US

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I was not familiar with it until I moved to the Seattle area. My HOs from my 3-month sit last year are big fans.

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The disc thing is very Millennial/GenZ, whereas Pickleball seems to be big with Boomers.

I’m a GenXer. We get left out of everything.

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I love pickleball! @Angela-CommunityManager, the game of pickleball originated in the Bainbridge Island area back in the mid-60’s. When I go on a sit, I search Facebook and other avenues to find pickleball games in the area where I’ll be sitting. It adds another way to feel more like a “local”. is a great website to use to find local pickleball games.


We’ve got paddle tennis growing in the UK and, like that, pickle ball is a variant of tennis, but I’d never heard of the latter until now

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One of our sitters (who became a multiple time sitter) is an avid pickleballer and while here, joined up with a group so he could play often. He has come back and been able to meet up with all those folks again. We lost our baby a few months ago, but we developed such a friendship, we asked him to come back again in late May for a house visit so he can play again with that group.
Pickleball is very popular here in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

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We try to play when we are cruising, and it’s a great way to meet new folks. We do, however, have a hard and fast rule that we DON’T keep score….for us it’s all about the exercise :wink:

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I just started playing pickleball 3 months ago and now I am hooked. I am a former tennis player, and this is an easy sport to pick up after that.

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