Sitter Hobbies - please share

I’m curious if/what hobbies sitters have, or have taken up since becoming sitters. Something easy to pack, I should think…please share.
Personally, we read a lot and have busy Kindles, and I love houses with lots of books to browse; or a local community book exchange container. Hubby plays computer games. I explore the region. But I feel the need for some in-house hobbies.


@botvot On a sit just months before the pandemic started, homeowners had started a jigsaw puzzle and encouraged me to work on it. I hadn’t done one since I was a child. I now regularly remind them that I’ve now become addicted. :roll_eyes: However, through the lockdowns they certainly kept me occupied.

If I’m driving to a sit I now take one with me. I’ve also gone to a thift/charity store while on a sit and bought one. At a recent sit I first checked to make sure the puzzle wouldn’t be a problem for the cat. At that point, the homeowner brought out their next puzzle they planned to do. :slightly_smiling_face: I did it, broke it back down, and left them another one. They were appreciative.


Im addicted to family history research. It’s amazing what you can find out from your sofa :grin:


This is me. Hours and hours whiled away on Ancestry…

I also often take some knitting to work on.

And I’m working on a family cookbook to give to my kids for Christmas.


I am addicted to Wordle, Quordle, Octordle, Sedecordle and Square word - I have to complete them all before starting each day!


Travel and Word crush,, reading and binge watching international historical documentaries/series. We have time on our hands, folks :wink:


Me too, Have you tried Knotwords and FACTLE?


Like Snowbird im a jigsaw addict too. I only dare do them on rainy days now or id never get anything done.
On nice weather sits like we are on now i really enjoy doing yoga in the garden, otherwise reading.


I’ve recently discovered that there are sitters who seek out Pickleball clubs wherever they sit and those who actually try and plan their sits around published Pickleball activities, even tournaments.

They sight it as being sociable, a way to keep fit, meet new people and best of all (I know I am biased) a great way to spread the THS word.

I am amazed how popular it is in the UK too

Are you a Pickleball player?


My older son and I both love to read, and a housesit can provide a whole new library.

My sons and I also enjoy geocaching. This adds an extra dimension to exploring a new area and sometimes takes you to places you would never have found otherwise.

Older son and I have also taken up wild swimming after trying it out on a housesit in Pembrokeshire. We’ve just been for a swim in a local river this evening. We’re looking forward to finding new swimming spots when we housesit.


I print a photograph of the pets and embroider a design around it.

At our last housesit I made pinecone flowers and turned it into a wreath. I left one for our homeowner and sen one to my dads girlfriend.


Wow, that’s beautiful @steplinn! You have the creative touch.

I’m into scrabble on line with my cousin and a friend each single night. + I write blogs that I sometimes sell to magazines.

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Not a hobby but I have become a bit of “even more of a clean freak”. I think my cleaning skills have improved. I own my house and even noticed I am more prone to a much cleaner house. I also have my cat’s pet area all nice and tidy more these days.

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I also appreciate books more… and online exercise

Yoga for me. While preparing for a sit, I do an online search to check about the possibility of joining local yoga classes. It’s also a good way to interact with people. During my last sit I was very happy to be able to participate in some classes organized for a yoga retreat at a nearby center. It was a wonderful experience! Coincidentally, the owners of the center turned out to be members of THS.

I also do yoga via the online platform « Do Yoga with Me ».

Piano for my husband. When we drive to a sit we take his portable electric piano.


Same here. We will usually sit down to do our selected four, which we refer to as “tordle,” as in “You wanna tordle?”
These include (in order!) Worldle, Wordle, Framed, Octordle (partner also does the metalurdle BC he’s a metal head). Not sure why these are the four the we ended up with, but we do them every day!


I’m a Zumba fanatic and go 4-5 times a week at home so if I go on a holiday or house sit I seek Zumba out and usually find it wherever I travel. I’ve attended zumba in Australia, Cambodia, Mexico and Ireland. It’s great to attend classes with like-minded people who enjoy the same activity!

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We’ve been sitting in the US over the last two years. Hobbies include:
Photography, visiting the library, finding a local meetup group that sounds interesting-local walks, meditation, yoga, wine tasting…

Exploring small grocery stores and farmers markets and trying new regional dishes.

We spent New Year’s Day 2022 picking litter at a cleanup sponsored by the Sierra Club so now I’ve added community service to my list!


@Angela-HeadOfCommunity That would be me! :raising_hand_woman: Plus, I seek out lap pools and hiking trails and farmers’ markets. And I swear I make time for the pets, too :joy: