Attention to thirsty pets

In Büyükada (Turkey), lots of cats and dogs wander in the streets.

People feed them

Surprised to see in a tree grate a bowl which can be filled by water and the design of a dog (to let them understand it’s for them ?)
Unfortunately some turists throw butts in them…


One of the things that impressed me about Turkey and Morocco was how well stray animals, especially cats, were treated communally.

You can tell when that happens, because the strays are friendly and relaxed around strangers.

Once in a market square in Essaouira, I saw a man walking with a plastic bag full of fish. A stray cat must’ve smelled it, because it ran up to beg. Without missing a beat, the man reached in and pulled out a small fish for the cat. It was such a sweet, touching thing to see.



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And who else but in Turkey would let a dog use their window display for napping?


Our current sit in Turkey goes a little like this each morning. Feed, stroke & water cat and dog that actually live with us. Walk pooch early as weather is roasters. Feed & water two noisy street cats who live next door. Feed and stroke stray pooch who lives outside on the street. Fill up communal feeder and water for lots of street cats two doors along. Stroke whoever else with four legs comes along. Walk to the beach and collect 6 stray dogs for company all of whom just want a cuddle. #onlyinturkey

Betsy approves :heart_eyes: :palm_tree: