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We just spent a glorious week traveling all over Florida, USA for the Christmas Holiday and discovered so many of the restaurants with outdoor seating offering “Four Legged Menus” for our very special furbabies. I wasn’t sure if I had been out of the loop since our little girl passed or if this is just becoming more popular BUT I LOVED IT! How awesome is it to let your little bundle(s) of joy indulge in treats while out and about just as we all do!

Here are a couple we found along the way

They looked so good my husband tried to order for himself!

So I did a little digging and found this is a really big trend throughout the US. Below are excerpts from many listings that I found to be so interesting and exciting!

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18 Chain Restaurants With Secret Menu Items For Dogs (

Popular Restaurants That Have a Menu for Your Dogs (

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For those of you who are doing sitting in the US, do you take your four legged charges out for a stroll and end up at a cute little cafe or coffee shop? If you do, now you should make sure to ask if they have a menu they can share to make everyone at the table feel pretty special and if you know of any really special cafes/coffee shops/restaurants you have visited with your pets, please let us know where they are.

After discovering all the locations in the USA, I decided to delve into other countries and below are some I found:

Are these popular in other Countries? If so, please share your experiences with all of us so we know where we can indulge our babies! I would love to see more menus and more restaurants that we can all frequent when visiting….or even if we live there!


I love this topic.

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This is lovely. Thanks for posting. Of course, a good idea for sitters to check with owners if their dog will eat items on the menus

@Debbie-L We popped in to the “Pawsitive Cafe” in Notting Hill yesterday to see what it was like… it was so pawsome! :paw_prints:
We were greeted by this gorgeous Dalmatian on arrival and they have a great human and dog menu! They even have a ball pit for the dogs to play! Such a great place :dog::blush:

Doggie ice cream is also popular (in other various locations), with our four legged friends :paw_prints: With the owner’s permission we treated the pup we were caring for earlier this month to some… it went down rather too well! :sweat_smile::dog:


Thanks for sharing, @Debbie-L! This was new to me until last summer, when I was at a Dairy Queen in Minnesota. I snapped this photo:

It’s too small to read, but notice that little piece of paper in the middle? It says, "Try our Doggie Sundae!” I think that’s soft serve with a doggie biscuit.

DQ is mentioned in your links, but here’s a DQ-specific one:

On a related note, drive-thrus are big in the U.S., and especially in Texas (where I live). I guess one reason could be so people don’t have to leave their dogs! Ditto for places where you can order and eat in your car (e.g., Sonic).

Too bad there aren’t as many drive-in theaters anymore. Dinner and a movie with your dog!


@geoff.hom I love DQ… lucky pooches! :dog::sweat_smile::blush:

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These are all great pics and such cute pups. I absolutely love the ability to share our lives with our loving furbabies

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