Finding A Dog Friendly Cafe When Walking The Dog in Edinburgh

What’s better than your first morning sip of coffee? It’s having your four-legged friend by your side! And there’s nothing worse than a mooch with your pooch, only to realise their only option is to be left outside.

That’s why we’re here with 18 of the best dog-friendly cafes in Edinburgh, so that you can find a house sit in one of Scotland’s most magical cities without worrying about where will welcome your pup pal. So, get yourself up north and eyeball the architecture, revel in its history and of course, sip on the best artisan coffee around with your new fluffy pal right by your side.



Heading over to Edinburgh in November so we’ll try some out!


@PetsSit such a great city for petsitting. We were there for 3 weeks in June, and just loved our visit!

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@Angela-HeadOfCommunity, what a great list of cafes! We always try to find links to this type of information via Google, Yelp, etc, as it really helps you plan your day out with those adorable furballs! Coffee shops, outdoor seating in restaurants, even the best parks in the area to head out for a day of adventure and discovery are so exiciting to discover. And we all know that having a cute bundle of fur with you brings people together for conversation, so you get the chance to possibly strike up a new friendship or two as well!

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