A #TeamTrusted Canine EVENT!

Hmm … No you are NOT seeing double I couldn’t post just ONE pic of this adorable boy :heart_eyes: :dog: :heart_eyes:

What EVENT I hear you ask … Well as events go this might not be THAT high on your list of expectations, I mean it isn’t up there with, Tiered Membership Launch, App Improvements, Huge Increase In Amazing Sits but … ready?

I have my FIRST doggy sit since March 2020 and for a serial sitter who adores canines, (felines I have LOVED :heart_eyes_cat: spending time with you this year) this is a REAL event, humor me please, I’m so excited!!

From Saturday I will be snuggling up to Dexter in his lovely Edinburgh Home …

What’s excited you today?



He’s adorable! and Yay for Edinburgh, Dexter and You!
Let’s see, so many things have excited me today let’s leave it with this
cool emoji FB developed just for me!


It couldn’t possibly be the Dexter of Crammond who loves huge long walks along the waters edge and is the best behaved and cuddliest dog in Edinburgh.
We looked after him in July and had the best time ever. The house is out of this world, a kitchen to die for and a very comfortable bed. The bus stop to the city centre is across the road and there seemed to be a bus on demand. Lucky, lucky you.


Congrats, and I can relate to your excitement. Yesterday I booked my first sit outside of Canada since the pandemic started. Christmas and New Years I plan to be snuggled up on that sun bed with Peach, enjoying the warm ocean breezes in Mexico. :sunglasses:


The very one @ElsieDownie


I am leaving for Malta in 2 days for a sit with two small dogs. It is my second out of France since the start of pandemic, in Europe for the moment, but I hope for much further soon :crossed_fingers::flight_departure::earth_americas::smiley_cat::poodle::monkey::pig::sheep::goat::rabbit::duck::baby_chick::rooster:


Itook this pic in Malta 7 years ago.
Lovely island, when you like, like me, stone villages


Nice picture
I’ve been there before when I was just a little younger ( in 1989). That must have changed, but so did I.
I liked it a lot and I also love old stones.

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