Availability—text window

Please, could sitters have a text window on the Availability feature? I envisage a place where we could talk specifically about our travel plans. For example, I intend to be in the southeastern US from early April until end of October. If I could publish this information in the Availability feature, HOs in that area, looking for sitters during those weeks, could invite me to sit with a better understanding of my overall travel plans. Please, can we have that feature? Thanks for listening!

Hi @Ledadane you may be better off putting that information at the top of your profile and changing your location to the place where you want to sit. That way when home owners search for sitters in their area for a specific date you will come up in their search results. When/if they read your profile, they will have all your ĺocalised information. It’s easy to keep updating that as your plans change.


Thanks for the tip! I’ll try it.