Bavaria, Germany calling

Servus from Bavaria :cowboy_hat_face:,

My husband Paul and I (Annett) have been pet sitting for a couple of times now, sadly plans were interrupted by the virus. We do hope to get back into travelling soon :crossed_fingers: to meet lovely pets and their owners.


Welcome Annett :wave:


@Annett -

Hi Annett - I think most of us share your sentiment on the travel front. Can you tell us how things are in Bavaria? Lots of restrictions still in place?


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Yes sadly most restrictions are still in place and depending on the area more then in other. Munich had a little lifting of restricting today but for us in the Bavarian Forest all still looks grim. I really hope the vaccination will speed up now!


Welcome @Annett and so sorry to hear that you are still under travel restrictions we too hope the vaccinations speed up for you.

Thank you for joining our community forum and please enjoy the support and connecting with member around the world.

Angela & the Team


Hallo Annett und Paul, I know the feeling… Durch das endlose Corona gibt es ja im Moment nicht viel Gelegenheit zum Verreisen und entsprechend nur wenig Housesitting-Angebote. Falls Euch mal der Sinn nach dem Harz steht (Fachwerkhaus mit gr. Garten und Katze), könnt Ihr Euch gern melden. Hier ist auch Platz (eigene Etage), wenn wir selbst nicht verreist sind. Herzlichen Gruß aus Clausthal


Hi @Lichtgestalt68 Willkommen in unserem Community-Forum … thank you Google Translate

It’s great that you could join, enjoy the conversations and connecting with members from Germany and the rest of the world. Thank you, we hope to get to know you better and share in your TrustedHousesitters journey.

Angela & The Team

Would love to visit Germany


Hallo @Lichtgestalt68 ,

Danke für die nette Einladung. Wir werden auf euch bestimmt zurück kommen :sunglasses:

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@Windtalker ,

Germany is very diverse - more then just ‚sausage and beer‘ :joy: You will love it here!

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