Hello from Finland

Hi, I have been a member of THS for many years and have had guests here to babysit my three cats often, always very positive experiences. Have also been a pet- and house sitter myself in Ireland and Great Britain and hope to do both again, hosting sitters and travel and sit myself, as soon as possible when the Corona situation is better and it is safe to travel again.


Welcome Susanne,

I would love to go to Finland. I know a little Denmark (Aarthus, Copenhagen), Sweden ( Stockholm, Gotland, Kalmar) and Norway (Bergen, Oslo, Tromso) and plan to sit there or to exchange homes (what we do often : we’re more experienced in swaps than in sitting : I made only 8)

I’m both an owner and a sitter like you. Hope to visit Alvar Aalto works in Helsinki and around.

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Welcome @Susanne thank you for joining our community forum and for sharing you intro and story, we are all waiting for safe travel to return so we can once again enjoy our pet and housesitting lifestyles … pets, people and places we miss them all.

Thank you for being part of our community over the years and we look forward to getting to know you better and hearing all about your THS journey …

Angela & The Team

Hello Susanne, nice to hear about your experiences. Would you ever consider a house-swap with the middle of Germany when Corona is over? I have never been to Finland before and would very much love to visit. Kind regards from Clausthal in the Harz mountains, Wiebke


Welcome Sussane

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Hallo Wiebke, ich bin selber aus Berlin, und da reise ich hin, wenn ich nach Deutschland will, oder an die Nordsee.
Sorry, aber wenn du mal Katzen sitten willst in Helsinki, ist das natürlich möglich.

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Hi, let’s keep in contact then. Lots of Aalto to see here in Helsinki.

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When members don’t hide begin nicknames, it’s easier to find them. I found your listing and 3 cats and sent you a private message .
We could swap homes too in the future If you like : we would look after your 3 cats. Would you be ready to look after our young dog ?

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