Being able to filter for breeds


I’m inquiring about the possibility of filtering for specific dog breeds because different breeds often have unique needs and temperaments. For example, as a Greyhound owner, I know that Greyhounds require specific care and understanding due to their sensitive nature and energy levels. Similarly, Jack Russell Terriers are known for their high energy and might require a more active pet sitter.

Being able to filter for breeds would not only help pet owners find sitters with relevant experience, but also provide peace of mind knowing their dog is in the care of someone who understands their specific needs. For many owners, finding a sitter familiar with their breed is a huge relief.

I hope this further clarifies my request and the potential benefits of such a feature.


Don’t hold your breath. I’ve been suggesting this for the last few years. It would be a great way to find sits with particular breeds that you might want to gain experience of, but THS are as yet to oblige…

I also suggested this but i would think the chance of it happening is virtually nil

The basic filters already in place don’t even work correctly.