Search by breed and number of pets

I have recently joined as a sitter but feel the filter/search options are rather limited. Breed and number of pets would be useful which would seem reasonable easy to implement I would have thought. Also get a sense that there is a bit of a bias towards couples and women which is a bit of a shame but perhaps understandable. Anyway will persevere and hope that I strike lucky at some point :slight_smile:

Hi @jed - Don’t despair - the first sit is always a tricky one to secure. Once you get that and are given your first review it gets easier - honestly!

He is a similar question that was posted a while ago - you may find some of the responses helpful and motivating

Good Luck!

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Agree, the search filters are very limited for someone trying to find a housesit. I end up spending an unnecessarily long time trying to find a suitable house sit, which is very frustrating, particularly when the process could be made so much easier. It would helpful if the following options were available:

  • Sort by sit start date;
  • Filter in terms of whether you need a car;
  • Filter by number of dogs;
  • Filter by size of dog;
  • Being able to search multiple countries in one search.

I hope you find a suitable sit soon Jed.

All the best,



Welcome @jed. I’m a relatively new male solo sitter that joined mid May of this year. Getting your first sit is the hardest so may I suggest you look at local and less popular locations to get that secured. Keep plugging away as it took me 23 applications to get my first sit but I’m currently on my 7th sit and next week my 8th sit that has included sits in Denmark, Italy, Greece and soon Portugal.


The first one was also the hardest for me but i finally get one. Look around your place work on your referal. More you get better they will feel to let you sit. Good luck.


@AnnieC - I think you directed your comment to the wrong person

Many thanks for all the encouraging replies. I refocused my search on local sits and highlighted my strong external references. Think I may have a sit now, just waiting for confirmation :crossed_fingers:


@jed firstly, welcome to the forum, and as you can see, you have already received quite a bit of help with your question/concern.

I must say, however, that when I was the pet parent, we had several male sitters who were alone and never once gave any thought to not welcoming them. We actually had two that came several times for sits and they were great! Just keep putting in those applications!

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