Best Ride for a tired doggy.

Ok. Let’s try again with all your recommendations. This video is to show when our three legged doggy gets tired from a long walk, we need to call the rescue. :grinning:

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UPDATED - I’ve tested below and it does seem we can upload videos on the discourse forum platform… I’ve tested here by trying one of the TrustedHousesitters videos…

So all I did here was to copy the URL of the video … and add it as a “link”.
Try amending your topic and see if it works. Good luck

Hello Brigitte,
Provence asked me the question, because I posted a video.
This is my answer :
I received an email from the SPA, I used the “share” button and I sent the video to my email. So I received the link and then I copied this link which I inserted in my THS message. Miracle of technology, it is not the link which was copied but the video directly. I don’t know if this works for all videos, home movies for example. It was a youtube video
You can try

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Hi again Brigitte… I think I can see the problem. The video you are trying to share is embedded in an instagram story and so I don’t believe you can’t access the video directly to share it outside that platform. Nothing in the story seems to go directly to the video to get the link. Was a good video though :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: