Beware the misleading pictures


“We live in Sevenoaks in a terraced house with 3 bedrooms, one bathroom, living room, dining-kitchen and a long garden. We live walking distance to the town, we have a very close Park, Greatness Park and close to Knole Park!”

So someone is terribly disappointed when they arrive at their house sit, please read the description of the house and pets and not just look at the pretty pictures.
HO, maybe make sure your first picture is a reasonable image of your animals or home. And try to make it seasonal. How many times have you seen beautiful lush green gardens only to realise the sit is in January and it will all be covered in a foot of snow.


I just looked at the photo and thought you were Queen of the castle :european_castle::joy:

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You are a spot of sunshine and too funny.

But she is!

I was going through the new sits advertised and saw this picture. I could just imagine someone getting very excited and forgetting to read the advert.

At the moment my “castle” is a beautiful cabin on a remote island in Bocas del Toras, Panama. The picture is of a thunderstorm going through the jungle taken from the side veranda. I know……I’m a very lucky lady.


How amazing! Beautiful location. Can I ask how you got there?


My current castle. …

Exactly as described on the tin.

And the King of the Castle…watching over his domain.


Absolutely gorgeous. I’ll get there one day. Enjoy.

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I’m on a two sit through THS. Flew fro Gatwick to Madrid to Panama then a little local jet to the big island then water taxi out to Isla Solate


Fabulous @Petermac

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Amazing @Petermac GREEN is my color, for the King and His Castle … :evergreen_tree: :sunglasses: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :dog:

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And me! Wow incredible

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Yup, I saw that photo and thought “whoa!” and then realized it was a very poor choice as well.
There is no reason to post photos of tourist attractions in the area. Sitters are perfectly capable of looking these things up on our own. What we need to see is where we will be sleeping, living, eating, bathing, and the pets.


I saw a listing recently that looked great until I saw what is likely the sitter’s “bed”–some sort of mattress plunked on top of pull out sofa.

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In fact, one of my first sits was in half of a split 19th C listed castle in Somerset - Enmore. The current structure is relatively new (according to Wikipedia, large parts of the original buildings were destroyed in the 1830s and 1930s). It was still a great sit with a pair of black labs and a pair of cats.
The half I sat in -
The original -


Looks great!

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One of my first sits was in a 16th century manor house in northern france. Was a very cool house and quite enjoyed the sit.

Hi Everyone …

Of course we don’t want any misleading images on the site from owners or sitters, we are first and foremost TRUSTEDhousesitters, however the photo of the castle with a moat has created a lot of attention for this listing, even it’s own conversation thread on the forum … just saying.

Have a brilliant Friday everyone …

Things are not always what they seem … :sweat_smile:


I was a little concerned that a sitter saw the picture, didn’t read the description properly and thought that’s the HO house. Things like that seem to happen.


Absolutely @ElsieDownie and totally agree it also underlines the need for transparency and good communication.

Thank you for highlighting …