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This Black Friday, we’re bringing back our biggest ever member offer - 50% off all upgrades!

:scream_cat: Our Black Friday emails will be hitting your inboxes from tomorrow the 19th November, but as a special thanks to you - our wonderful community forum - we’re giving you exclusive early member access :star_struck:

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Since THS has just introduced a Black Friday offer on upgraded memberships, I wonder if I should upgrade to premium. Regarding the first two airport lounge passes per year, am I right to assume that I can use a different lounge pass as long as I reserve it 72 hours in advance?
Also, since I don’t use airport lounges much, I wonder if they mostly offer food and drinks for free? (I used one in Malaysia and I remember I paid for both lounge access and food).
Your help is very much appreciated.

Hi @MissRien this link from the website Help Centre has information about the lounge passes. As for the “final details” … are refreshments and services free? Lounges vary greatly, usually dedicated airline lounges are “free” You’ll find a detailed list with FAQ’s included in the link information

Where are the lounges

Travelling with Lounge Pass could not be simpler! Choose from 600 airport lounges worldwide at 350 airports for as little as US$ 18.00. Locations include 48 airports across the UK and international destinations such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Geneva, Malaga, Miami, Hong Kong, Orlando FL, Boston, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Washington, Singapore, Tenerife South, Toronto and Zurich.

To view a complete list of all lounge locations simply select Find your Lounge and choose the region and country of your choice.

Hello @MissRien, we used our passes at London Gatwick North Terminal for the Number 1 lounge earlier this month. Free food and drink, plenty of space to unwind and we had access three hours prior to our flight. We thought it was a brilliant start to our trip to Australia where we currently are. We also decided to pay £7 each to use the faster security lane, that was money well spent, through in less than five minutes and no queues.


Thanks for the information. As the premium membership includes two lounge passes, is it on a yearly basis (if yes, what is the time period)? And I am free to book the pass any time I want, even though the trip is not arranged via THS?

Hi, The information is in the link @MissRien

Hi @MissRien when I applied for the passes I didn’t have to provide any information about the house sit, just the flight. I assume it’s valid during the period of your membership, but best to double check. I received my passes via email within a few days.

Is there a sale this year?

Hi @Squirrel
Thanks for asking. I think the best is to check with membership services on MS Chat if there are any promotions for your particular membership.

As this is also a thread from last year, we will be closing this now.