Black Friday sale renewal

I have seen a few bf promotions but none for a renewal. Are there any?

Hi @RachelTG
Don’t remember THS running any such offers last year but maybe they’ve done previously?

I’ve only heard that if you do not auto renew you get an offer of a discounted membership. But that wasn’t related to Black Friday offers.

We’ve just gotten 3 months free vs 2 for referring someone to join. That someone got a 30% discount vs 25%.

Hi @RachelTG

I’ve checked in with the team about this, and they’ve confirmed that there’s no promotion for renewals.

What they have said is that it’s super idea, and that they’ll be working on a renewal offer for next year. :slight_smile:



They’ll first have to raise the price 30% before they can give a discount of 25% :sunglasses:

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I’m tempted to upgrade with the black friday offer, how easy is it to claim the lounge passes? And do they have to be on a pet sit, could I use outside of pet sitting?

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Hi, we have had lounge passes and it’s ever so easy to apply for. You send an email to membership services stating the date, flight info, departing airport and terminal and they will issue you passes via an email. We printed them and had them on our phones and used them without any issues.

We have used them when going on holiday, not sitting.

However, not all terminals have lounges that are available via THS, so always worth checking first before you book the flight.

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Be warned away from the offer if your interest is lounges! I upgraded with the offer and am disappointed. It isn’t easy to claim the lounge passes. In fact, I was told that the lounge wasn’t available for my date of travel. I was offered a different day and different terminal as though that was a solution. Plus there are no lounges in my home airport LAX. Since I ran into problems within 24 hours of purchasing an upgrade, I requested that the upgrade be cancelled and refunded. This was the response:

Our procedure is once a membership has been upgraded it cannot be reversed nor can the funds be refunded.

In refunding it would cancel your membership and honestly, would not be acceptable.

This is the link that lists a full list of lounges and their benefits can be found here.

Airports are jammed during holiday season and more folks are using lounges, especially at major hub airports. I was at a lounge at Heathrow yesterday and it was so crowded that I left. I wouldn’t expect THS to have control of how full lounges are.