Bonjour les amis...hi everyone!

English and French couple of guys here, recently joined the site. We live by the Mediterranean sea and have been dog and cat owners as well as minders for more than twenty years, mostly for close friends and family. Time now to link two passions: travel and pet-sitting. Drop us a line or just say hi, we’re near the Spanish border and are often in Spain even though we live in south-west France.

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Hi @NigelPierre and welcome to the forum! I took a peek at your profile and I just want to say I love that you posted pics of donkeys! I find them to be so cute and interesting. I just saw a funny video of a donkey standing up on his fence, losing his balance and falling forward (it was funny because he didn’t get hurt), but the look on his face when he gathered his composure was priceless! I think they are just adorable!

If you have any questions here on the forum, please reach out to any of us community coordinators, or other forum members. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience here and you can always find an answer to any question that might arise!

Once again…happy sitting!


Thanks so much for the feedback. our time with both donkeys, Estelle and François was indeed full of precious moments. Glad to be part of the website and looking forward to our first sit. Here’s another photo of the donkeys…in fact I think we could say that they were sitters for us.
All the best Pierre and Nigel


What a lovey dovey pic! So dang cute!

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