Bosham, Chichester Meetup

Long shot I know! Is anyone in the Bosham/Chichester area and wanting to meet up for coffee/tea?

I’m sitting in this area, till the 12th Oct and would LOVE to meet some HSs and HOs even… let’s keep it inclusive :laughing:


Hi @Purdie and thank you for starting a meet up


Hopefully there will be other members in the area for your dates who can meet up, fingers crossed


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Thanks @Samox24. My sits are usually soooo remote I’ve never attempted one.

I know it’s a long shot even here… :sweat_smile:

Hey there. I am in East Wittering and would love to connect. I am sitting for a dog that cannot be left alone, so it would have to be a pet friendly cafe or park or something. Lemme know…


Hi @Shella_in_the_Forum. That’s just brilliant. :tada:

Let’s see who else is around before setting times/dates/venue. But I’m sure we will fix something up in any event.


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@Shella_in_the_Forum & I are meeting in Bosham on this coming Friday for a Meetup.

Sing out if you’d like to join us :heart_eyes::tada:


If someone needs a ride from Chichester or East Wittering vicinity I have space for one in the car. There is a large boxer in the back seat.

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A big thanks to Shella and her adorable boxer for making it for a cup of tea and shared scone. So lovely to chat IN PERSON to a fellow sitter.

And thanks to @Maggie8K for posting her Meetup and giving me the idea. I didn’t know we could do this!


A big thanks to you @Purdie. We had a wonderful stroll and visit!!


Hi @Shella_in_the_Forum & @Purdie , so glad you had a great visit … do you have any more pics to share?

@Angela_L, we were so busy chatting that we may not have, but here is one took the day before of the harbour… at low tide this time though. Looks totally different at high tide, so I’ll try get some of those too and post.

All of the above, would be under water at high tide…so you can’t get to the same spot to take a high tide shot as the road is flooded every time. Will see what i can do.

You’ve inspired me to take more photos @Angela_L . I usually take tonnes of the animals, and only one or two of the actual location itself, I’ve just realised now…! :pray:t3: :roll_eyes:


I’m originally from Chi, down on the 20th so will miss you but glad you met up, Bosham is lovely!

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Gorgeous! Thank you @Purdie for spending time with me and Lily. So sorry we didnt take pictures!