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I’d like to know why does my calendar only show availability until July 31st 2024? I keep my availability current. I have homeowners asking about availability into December 2024

@ACLRJM That’s an interesting one! I think reaching out to Membership Services for this one is your best bet as they will be able to answer your question and look at your account and check it is as it should be.

I will ask them to reach out to you, but you can also reach them at

Or chat at this link: (scroll to the bottom of the page).

On the app the calendar only shows 12 months so at the moment it only shows to the end of July, in August it will show to the endof August. On the web it goes on (I think up to 2026). I have filled out my availability on the web calendar up to October 2024 but it only shows to the end of July on the App. I am assuming that on the 1st August it will automatically change in the App to show as available. Just another one of those App v’s Web differences.


Ah yes, App vs Web, wish they could get the platforms to synchronize

Thank you

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This is a limitation that everyone should know about. Not everyone is using a desktop computer or go to the website when searching for a sit. A lot are just using the app.

I understand you’re not able to search beyond August 2024 on the app and I would be more than happy to clarify this for you.

Unfortunately, the app is limited and it can only display dates within a single year. However, I’m happy to inform you that you can still search for dates beyond August 31st by using a desktop computer or visiting our website.