How to search for available sits in a date range (any length of time)

Hello! I just created my profile, and am curious to look for sits available in a particular date range, but the system seems to be searching only for the specific dates marked, and I want any sits available within the range. Does anyone else have this issue? How do I search for available sits with dateranges between June and August 2024 for example?
Thank you in advance for any help you can offer!

Hi Carly

You should be able to search between 1st June - 31 August easily enough. I have just searched the UK for these dates and it has returned 144 sits.

I have used the app. If you type in the country/city/town and then in the filters put the start and end dates and ‘Apply’ you should get the same results.

Hi @carlywood ,

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This is easy to do, First click on the ‘find a housesit’ tag,

then the ‘dates’ tag

Now click on the start and end dates you want to search.

Finally, and most importantly! click on ‘APPLY’ to lock the dates in

Thank you Shannon!!!

I tested your search and indeed - I think perhaps my expectations were too high think there would be loads of opportunities already posted for next summer in a couple of western US states. Not too many- or perhaps they get snatched up quickly?! Anyhow… i have saved a couple now so hopefully will get some alerts. Thanks so much for responding to what I now see was a pretty poor question! :woozy_face: Carly

Not a problem. Tbf June - Aug is peak summer holidays and to quote @Colin I will eat my hat if there aren’t hundreds of sits available in the US at that time. You are just a little ahead of the curve with your searches. Peak listing is generally a few months prior although some very organised folks will have listings up sooner. I would suggest that you keep your search saved and keep an eye out but maybe start looking in earnest after Easter.

Also as you are new to this you should read up as much as possible on the forum and the website blog and help guides to glean as much information as possible.

Additionally you need to think about getting some reviews under your belt before setting your sights on a ‘big’ trip. There is loads of advice on here about taking local, less popular, short sits to get those reviews in. Kinda like serving your apprenticeship before getting the dream job.

I am sure others on here from the US can give you some better advice on your preferred US states destinations as not in my bag as we are very much UK based at the moment.

Good luck. :crossed_fingers:

Oh and meant to say … this was my mantra when I was working - No such thing as a bad/poor question! Never be afraid to ask.


@carlywood in my experience if I use the AnyWhere search with dates a list of sits from anywhere are listed, however not all sits available are shown. If I then specifically nominate a country, then my resultant list includes a lot more that I was able to see in the anywhere search. Similarly if I use the Map function I get more in a specific country than result from the Search function.

I have highlighted this to THS as part of a support call providing stats to support my findings. The response was that that happens time to time and not much can be done about it.

My best approach is to use Map lookup first, then the specific country search then the anywhere search after entering your date range.

The only problem is that by specifying a country in the search or selecting from the map, you limit showing listings for places you never dreamed of going.

Hope that can help.

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