Can BOTH spouses/partners get verified?

My husband is my partner in our Trusted Housesitters endeavor and we were wondering if he could go through the verification process as well. We’ve noticed comments about the “partner” not being verified with a background check, etc. Thanks so much,
Sue Spencer


Of course.

Ok great. HOW???

Answer from Trusted Housesitters Customer Support was basically “No” only the one member needs to go through the ID & Background check.

Hi @sgpspencer, the topic about this issue has been raised here many times as THS only requires the main owner of the account to have the background check. What I have heard other members do on the occasion that they would like to share with other prospective sitters or Home Owners is that the “partner” went about sharing the results of their background check from the agency that they either purchased it though or got through their work. For example there are sites where an individual can pay for a background check and when they want to share it with another individual they can do so though the site/agency without sharing the parts of it that would share too many details for their security/privacy.

I’ve seen some sitters share their profile links to rover, and others that also do background checks to give the HO’s more assurance if they so desire. Right now there is no way for the “partner” on a THS account to get a background check.

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