Can I offer pay?

This is my first time using TH and I would like to offer a small amount of “fun money” for the sitter, $100/week. I live in a very expensive part of California and I want the sitter to enjoy local restaurants or breweries. If yes, can I list the money in the ad?


Wow that would be super generous


I don’t think you can write it in the listing as it goes against THS policy to PAY a sitter. A sitter also can’t ask for payment.

However there is nothing wrong in leaving a welcome/ thank you gift for your sitter ( whatever you deem to be appropriate) .


That’s very thoughtful of you and a sitter will definitely appreciate. As a sitter, I’ve received some welcome gifts and gift cards to restaurants. It’s such a nice gesture.


Hi @Soni1. Welcome. That’s very kind of you. If you wish to leave the money I’d suggest not mentioning it in your listing as it may be against listing rules (not sure tbh) and attract sitters for the wrong reasons. Leave it as a nice surprise for the sitter.


THIS, exactly! :+1:

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I would be floored if someone left $100 for a week! It’s all relative, I guess (that seems like a lot to me) but part of our lifestyle is knowing how to get along in various locations, finding plenty to do and having our own resources to do it. I agree with others that a couple of gift cards go a long way towards showing appreciation.

Welcome @Soni1 and please do not mention money in your listing. Firstly I don’t think it is allowed and secondly it may attract the wrong type of sitter.
It is a very kind and generous gesture, but as others have suggested either leave the cash as a surprise or a gift card for local stores.
Personally I wouldn’t reward’ a sitter until after the sit and you can see the kind of care they have given to your home and pet(s).

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