Can’t add a sit past Sept 2024

We can wait and see what the admin team replies. The sun is just having its first coffee in the UK.

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Thank you for the “Staying On Topic” reminder @Amparo we have sent this to the team and will update when we have more info.

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Hi @Twitcher I did only say this may be because of this reason and that’s why it has been sent to MS to answer and as @Angela_L also mentioned, we will update when we have more information

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I’ve just put my owner hat on and tested this out on both my PC and the app. I was able to successfully list it on both. Attached is the app version which seemed to be questioned more as to whether it was possible.


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@temba thank you for the research :face_with_monocle:

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Has there been an answer to this @Samox24 ?

Hello @Silversitters I am happy to have a look into this for you as @Samox24 kindly passed it on as no one else was available, but does not have direct access to the internal replies.

I will speak to the Product team to get further clarification, but I can see that when searching for a sit on the app the date range ends a year in advance, but on the website you can search much further into the future.

It seems that you can post sits with dates further than a year away on both the app and website. There is a great example from @temba above.

So, as pointed out by you and others there seems to be a misalignment between the app and the website when searching for a sit and this is what I will ask about for you. Thank you for your patience.

Sorry to bring it up again @Carla but I can’t get past September 2024 either. Not overly technical minded so not sure what all the responses mean. Thank you. Oh, and I just checked and have ticked the boxes to receive emails etc but I never receive emails or newsletter. Should I just check with Member Services? Thanks again.

Hello @ziggy Please never worry about asking for clarification or further help. I am more than happy to :grin:

If you are using the app to search for a housesit then it currently only goes 1 year ahead of today’s date (September 2024) You can search for further into the future on the website. I am waiting to hear back from the product team for further clarification. Is that what you are referring to?

Also if you did not receive the newsletter email and your email settings are ticked, then you might be unsubscribed from our email provider, this can sometimes happen for a number of reasons such as if an email bounces, is accidentally marked as junk etc. and you need to email to check this.

For ease of reference here is a copy of the newsletters for anyone who did not receive them:

Sitters Newsletter - Sitter member
Owners Newsletter - Owner member

Hi @Carla_C. I found a UK listing for dates in Oct 2024 (definitely not 2023!) so thought I’d test the app out by starting to apply. It allowed me to tick the dates then start my application. As I didn’t want to actually apply, I did not press the Continue button but I’m thinking my application would have been sent.

Thank you for trying it out @temba - you are correct, your application would have been sent :smiling_face: there should be no issues applying for dates via the app that are well into the future. If there is a listing up you can apply to any dates on it.

The 1 year only in advance refers to the search filter on the app. I will pop a screenshot here to see if that helps.

So when I search for a sit via the app, if I use the date filter ‘sort & filter’, I can only search for sits from today until 30th of September 2024.

I guess the issue with this is for anyone wanting to filter sits that start or end further than a year away. But you can filter for long start and end dates on the website, I just went as far as 2026.

I hope that helps clarify it for you and it was a very helpful thing to mention so other members reading this thread would know what the issue/main question was. I will update this thread when I hear back form the product team.

Thanks @Carla_C I must have missed understanding the problem was for Saved Searches! I’m sure others like me will appreciate your clear explanation.

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Thanks so very much, @Carla_C , you have answered my question perfectly in regards to the only being able to search until September on the app. I can go onto the website to search further in advance. :pray:

In regards the email/newsletter part, I did contact support but only got back a reply stating what you have written, though I did specifically state in my email that I had tried all of those things so I’m still none the wiser. (Many would agree on that point) :joy:

Thanks again for your assistance with the first issue and hopefully I can sort out the second.

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Hello @ziggy You are most welcome and I am glad that it helped :smiling_face:

I will keep this thread updated when I hear more from the Product team and I asked Membership Services to follow up with you and make sure your emails are correctly subscribed to our email provider.

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@Carla_C thank you for your help, as usual :grin:

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