Can we find out who we got our extra months from by sharing our RAF

I would really like to know who joined after I gave them my referral code. Is there not this functionality on a basic membership? I should be a feature. I recently opened my dashboard to discover 8 free months, but I have no idea which 4 people joined based on my referral. What is the downside of sharing this information? It only encourages more sharing of the referral code which equates to more business for TH. I don’t understand why this isn’t available, or is it and I am missing how to look it up?

This isn’t a new topic, so I am adding it after having responded to threads that are 3 years old on the topic. I’d love to know if there has been any movement to making this happen at this time.

This has been asked before and here’s the answer:

It’s private information, companies can’t share things like that due to GDPR / data protection rules.