Referral identification

I recently sent my referral link to a few friends, and have received an email notification that someone has signed up using my referral link and I have a bonus to months, is there anyway for me to identify which new member used my referral link to join?

I don’t see how some other person would get a bonus with your references… your link is attached to your account.

i’m quite surprised when I see on 2 other forums people who give their bonus link to people they don’t kwow, who are not at all friends.

THS is not surprised to see that X has suddenly many “friends” who want to subscribe with a bonus, who are not from the same town/ country or continent ?

6 new “friends” and you get a year free ?

THS does not complain, too happy to have new members even if they pay 75% only ?

Will that rule change with the new prices for the “old” members ? When premium are more than the double price of their plain former subscription ?

You can see the list of everyone who has joined in your TrustedHousesitters Dashboard. On the left-hand side where it says “Get Free Months” it will say under that how many months you’ve earned so far, and under that it will say “Friends who have joined”. Click on that and it will expand to the list of everyone who has used your code =)


I think THS is just happy to get new members so the two free months is worth the investment. It’s a way of thanking current members for advertising for them.

I’ve invited lots of friends and acquaintances the link but only one who actually joined so far.

When you say you don’t see how some other person would get a bonus from your reference - it goes both ways. You get 2 free months, and they get a discount on their first year’s membership.

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Hi Provence.

Our refer a friend promotion is beneficial for both the member referring and the new member signing up. We have done extensive research on this benefit with different types of members, new members and what benefits people wanted to see.

Our company’s new members are mainly from referrals and word of mouth. A member telling their neighbour, a member telling a family member etc. Not many companies can boast that. Our members love being able to tell their friends, family or neighbours about their wonderful experiences and get something back as a thank you for spreading the word about our community.

I understand your concern regarding people posting their referral links on other sites, we do keep an eye on this to ensure that no members are misusing the system and posting their links to promotional sites etc.


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Mine doesn’t have that as with the new format, the statement of how many free months is listed on the right side, and no ability to see who joined

This is how mine is displayed and no way to determine who joined using my link

Depending on how many you’ve given out, you might be able to search for the person using the location option? If their profile is newly updated, it’ll be among the first show up in the list for that location.

I wish it were that easy but I give out that link to everyone I talk to about THS. People are so fascinated by it and can’t believe how it works…then they read about it and want to join.