Can you pet sit with a friend who is not on the profile?

I’m just wondering whether I would be able to do any sits with a friend who is not on my profile? Of course, I’d totally guarantee their behaviour as I would be with them all the time. My husband is on our profile but as a teacher he can only do sits during the school holidays. I’d be really interested to know. I"m the one who submitted my details for the vetting process.

HI @SarahKD any friend who accompanies you on a sit must be on your profile and there are valid reasons for this.

When applying for a sit the pet parent/owner will begin the selection process based on the information in the application message and accompanying profile, adding another person who is not in the profile, either in the application message or after the fact by a message or when doing a video call, does not instill trust or confidence.

If there is one friend who wishes to sit with you you should include them in your profile.
Anyone who is not included in the profile will not be covered by any TrustedHousesitters support, insurances and or other benefits which may apply to registered members.


Hi Angela,

That’s great - thanks for letting me know. Of course, I’d never have done this without first finding out and now I know.


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You are very welcome @SarahKD and I hope you find some amazing sits with or without a friend … starting locally is recommended and if sitting alone is a little bit daunting for you being close to home could be how you gently immerse yourself and find out is the lifestyle is the right one for you.

Personally I love my “alone” sit times (I sit with my husband as well) I work remotely and there is something about being in a comfy home, with pet companionship and completely in your own space.

But then we are all different, you will find what works for you …

Good luck and keep us updated.

A little piece of profile creation help.


Definitely. I’m planning on doing some solo sits closer to home.