Canadians extending stay in US

Has any Canadian sitter tried to extend their 6 month visit to the US? If so, how, and what has worked best? Re-crossing the border or applying online? Any important stuff to know? Thanks!!

You can apply for an extension and get it pretty easily, but be aware that if you spend more than 6 months in the US, you may have to pay US taxes. Depending on which province you live in, it can also affect your Canadian healthcare coverage so yeah, definitely important stuff to know! I would recommend getting the info directly from the appropriate government agencies as it can get complicated and you definitely don’t want to rely on misinformation as overstaying can get you barred from reentry.

Thanks! Didn’t know about the tax thing. And thanks for reminding me to check in with OHIP (and my travel insurance). I have 2 more of my 6 months, glad I thought to start the process early! Do I apply for the extension through USCIS? Its what the Canadian Gov’t site links me to…

@MegP I really think it would be in your best interest to visit the Country website to get this information so there are no questions about what is correct o do.

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@Debbie-L I thought we weren’t allowed to post visa information advice on the forum anymore. The last time I did my post got removed quick smart!

This is not in regards to the Visa and border control per se and that it why I told her to go to her government website.

@Debbie-L I was referring to the whole thread/topic. Apparently it’s against the forum T&Cs

  1. You may not bring to the forum for discussion or display any matters appertaining to immigration. Including but not restricted to: visas: visa applications, visa denial, visa removal, legal entry, right to remain, right to reside, refusal of entry or deportation, border crossings or narrative for border officials on entry. Posts containing references to any of these matters, no matter how tenuous, will be not be published and will be removed.

Thanks! Yes, looking on US gov’t sites. And FB groups. Getting good info and lots for me to research with Canadian and US authorities…

@Crookie Thank you for the reminder! You were quick with that one as the posting terms are being updated regarding this particular point as we have a new immigration page in the footer of the website:

We really want all things related to housesitting to be discussed and have been working on a way to make that happen. It is all relatively new so I can confirm what the forum posting terms will be and get back to you with more information. Thank you for your patience.


Good to know @Carla_C thank you

If this is not immigration, then what is it? She didn’t use the words “visa” or “border control”, but it is definitely immigration. I’ve had posts removed for discussing US immigration - and I’m an immigration lawyer!!


So sorry, I did not read that carefully. My Q is not a visa or immigration issue, but definitely about border issues. Thanks for all your care!

If it relates to staying in the US longer than your authorized stay, it is immigration.

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@Lassie Please see my above post as we are currently updating the posting terms :slight_smile: