cancelling a sit- procedure

Hi, I have recently had to cancel 2 sits due to my son getting pneumonia and being admitted to hospital (still there now so was definitely the right call). One was via a different forum, and one was THS. I informed the host as soon as i could via whatsapp, and she cancelled the sit however all that’s happened on my end is that she has declined my application. Is that it? We are both a bit confused- we’ve never had to cancel a sit beforeand having read a bit on here were expecting to have to email ths and whatnot.

@catscatscats24 sorry to hear about your son .
If the homeowner has unconfirmed you from the sit - it should no longer appear on your dashboard- you can also withdraw your application- freeing up a space for someone else to apply .

Wishing your son a full recovery.

Here are the steps for cancellation for anyone else reading the thread who needs them