Can't click on a review

A sitter saved our listing.
There is one review under the sitter profile that I can’t seem to click on.

I have tested other reviews on other sitter profiles that saved our listing and it works as it should?


Hi @HelloOutThere. That’s odd. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Please DM me the link to that sitter, and I’ll take a look at it. Thanks.

Thanks @HelloOutThere for marking this as being solved.

For everyone else looking at this thread, I looked at the past pet parent’s account, and they were no longer with TrustedHousesitters. That’s why their listing was no longer searchable.


Honestly I don’t recall marking it solved. Maybe I did :upside_down_face:

What does it mean/happen when a post is marked solved?

As a sitter, I did not know that a homeowner can see if I have favorited them. I am glad to know this! Sometimes I see that there’s a pet I really want to watch, but their sit is not open at the time and I would hope that when they need a sitter that they would look at my profile and my references.

An explanation for why there’s a pet I would like to watch, I travel and sit with my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and if I see that somebody has a Cavalier or a Cavalier mix, I favorite them because I know that our pets will get along.

Sometimes a sit looks pretty good to me until I get to a picture of the pet and it’s a really big dog. I won’t apply for sits with really big dogs because I have a tiny dog, I wish that there was a way to mark off those sits so that I wouldn’t keep going back to them.

Hi @HelloOutThere: “Solved” is a Discourse thing. I found this via google:

@DebbyAndDazzle: Your reasons make sense. I don’t think there will be a way to block sits, but perhaps someday you can search by dog size.

You could add to your sitter profile and indicate why you often favorite a sit. That way if such a PP reads your profile, it’ll be more clear to them.

Got it!
I’m going to admit that I am probably not going to spend much time reading Discourse, so I really do appreciate these efforts!