Cant find a pet sitter

Thanks so much for your comment about my updated listing. I’ll see what I can add as far as things in the area to do

Hi @Laurie5
I’ve just taken a look at your listing and the only thing that jumps out at me is the need for Titan to sleep under the covers with us- that’s a no go for us so would prevent us from applying. But I’ve seen members commenting here who don’t mind, or even enjoy, dogs sleeping with them so there definitely are sitters out there for whom the sleeping arrangements would be no problem.
The rest of your listing is good!
I think the main reason you haven’t had so much interest so far is that your sit is mid/late September and only one week. Personally we tend to book longer sits further ahead and shorter ones, like yours, nearer the time.
Its great you’ve linked your listing for people to comment & I wish you every success finding sitters for your furry gang!

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I recently did a sit in Hendersonville and my flight was into the Asheville airport so I have an idea of your area. For me the attraction is the outdoors in the area and one could not do much without a car. For my sit a car was available. Without the car the sit would not have been appealing to me. Just something to think about.

I can understand that but I have one car that I have to use. If someone flew in to the Asheville airport they would have to rent a car to get around to see all the nice places in Asheville. Thank you for your comments