Cat at vets day after return

We had our first ever sit for a fortnight, returned home on Sunday.
We were most impressed with the sitter, they were super friendly, messaged regularly whilst away and overall we were really impressed.
Came home and theyd left badic supplies for us which was a lovely touch.
Sitter didnt advise of any unusual or concerning behavior prior to us returning.

However, monday evening we had to rush one of our pets to the vets. They were struggling to breathe.
Were now awaiting an outcome and diagnosis from the vets. Honestly its not looking good.
Were also having to pay £900 a day to keep them in isolation.

Sorry not really sure what im hoping for, just really not sure where to start. Ive reached out to the sitter to ask if they were ok the days prior, but awaiting an answer.
As i said before, we were most impressed initially. Our boys are indoor only cats so not sure where this has come from.

Please dont think im blaming the sitter. As i said we really were impressed with them. Our boys seemed happy and content in the pictures we received. Think im just still in shock really.


Sorry to hear about your pet and I hope they are ok. Unfortunately “things” happen but I wouldn’t start assuming anything at this point. Wait to get feedback from your vet before casting around for someone to blame.


@Ju1iet sorry to hear of your cat’s illness . I would think it is likely just coincidental that this has occurred after a sit . Since the cats appeared well on Sunday when you returned and not struggling to breathe or in any discomfort and became ill on Monday .

Of course it’s natural to want to understand the cause - so it’s a good idea that you reached out to your sitter. I am sure they will
be concerned too . Your cat is in the best place now with the vet for diagnosis and treatment.

Please let the forum know what the outcome is . :hugs:


Hi @Ju1iet
I’m sorry to hear about your boy. I hope he recovers ok.
As a veteran cat person (40 years with 10’s of cats) and a former cat shelter volunteer cats can suddenly become ill without warning. Many years ago we woke up to one of our cats dead in the night. He was only 6 years old and previously in good health. They found out he had a defective heart which wouldn’t have got picked up during regular vet visits.
Anyway thoughts at this difficult time.


@Ju1iet my heart aches for you.

Friends of mine have had cats for the last thirty years.
They have had a couple cats that have gotten suddenly ill and recover and a couple not. No warning.

They have never used “house sitters” just family and friends and over the years…the same has happened to their cats.

May you have the best outcome.


I am so sorry to hear your cat is not well and can totally understand your shock and upset. Hopefully the Vet will be able to throw some light on your cats illness but please remember that things often do happen suddenly with no prior warning.

A few months ago we cared for a friends dog whist they were away for a fortnight, all went well. A few weeks later our friends called us to say their dog was seriously ill. Suddenly his back went whilst they were out walking. They rushed him to the Vet and was told it looked as if he had been dropped from a height or had jumped from a height, they knew that neither of these things had happened. It was a total mystery… He had to have emergency surgery at great expense , thankfully he survived and is well again now. It did make us think, what if that had happened on our watch?! If I was them, would I believe me that their dog had not been dropped? It does not bear thinking about.


One of our early sits the dog died a few days before the sit started .
He had a heart attack at the pet groomers where he went regularly. The owner and pet groomer were obviously very distressed and shocked that this had happened .
The owner said she was glad that it hadn’t happened while he was in our care and so were we :disappointed_relieved:.


@Colin something similar happened to a friend’s dog. She ran into the woods after a squirrel like many times before. They found her at the other side of a fence in pain and stressed. Within 18 hours she couldn’t walk, she had broken her back. The specialist neurosurgeon said the resultant trauma is as if she fell from something at height or went into something at speed (similar to the impact of a car crash).


I came downstairs one morning and my cat was not behaving as normal. I made an appointment with the vet at 6pm. I was told he was seriously ill and at 10pm I had to make the decision to have him put to sleep. He appeared fine the previous day.

I completely understand how stressful this is for you and I do hope your cat makes a full recovery.


Sadly we had a call this morning to say he had passed away.


I’m so incredibly sorry for your loss, @Ju1iet.


My wife and I have been together for 24 years and had our first cat in our lives for 14 wonderful wonderful years.

When we lost him, I cannot believe how devastated I was having never thought of myself as a cat person.

I never thought I’d ever have another cat because that devastation was immense and then our vet called us a couple of years after and our current cat Ollie was in need of adoption and now we can’t imagine our lives without him.

The Heartbreak just reminds me of how deeply we can love our pets and how blessed our lives are while they Grace each day they are with us.

I am so verry sorry for you and yours


I am so very sorry for your loss.
I had a cat who seemed healthy with no issues. One day I found him on the sofa struggling to breathe. I rushed him to the vets but was too late. My heart was in pieces.
Apparently he had an enlarged heart. No one knew.

I am sending you a huge hug and just remember, your cat had a lovely life with you, and your sitters. Loved and cherished.



My husband I were visiting my brother and the guest room was where his cat liked to nap. On the first evening we were reading in bed with the door shut when the cat started wailing very loudly on the other side. “Wow, he’s really mad that he can’t get in here.” We ignored him and he went quiet after a moment. My brother came downstairs to see what was up and the poor cat was dead. He’d had a heart attack. We felt so guilty even though reacting immediately wouldn’t have saved him.


@Juliet Oh gosh, I am so sorry to hear of your beloved kitty’s passing.

Is it possible he was ‘holding on’ to say goodbye to you?

Thinking of you.