Pet having a fit on sit

Hi guys,
I’ve looked after 10’s of pets mainly cats and have seen ill animals but until today never witnessed a cat fitting. Fortunately the cat I’m sitting for seems to be coming round ok.
Very worrying to see an animal in such distress. Especially as the cat fitted off the bed and between the bed and wall.
Big thanks to the THS vet line where I was able to get some post fit advice as I couldn’t reach the owner and the owners vet didn’t speak English.

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HI @richten1 As you say big thanks to the Vet Line, having that support in place is vital. How is kitty now and are you OK, is there anything we can do to help?

I experienced my own dog fitting and it is very upsetting especially as the fits usually come on without any warning. Well done for managing as you did.

Please feel free to Direct Message me.


Thanks for sharing, @richten1. Glad the vet line was helpful. I keep forgetting we have that, and it’s free and 24-hours, right?

I grew up with a cat but had not heard of a “cat fit,” and google wasn’t super helpful. Is that a cat seizure, as opposed to just the zoomies? Just trying to learn.

Glad the cat seems to be improving.


Hi @Angela-HeadOfCommunity. Thank you. The cat is fine. It was scary but thankfully over quickly.
After finally reaching the owner they advised the cat has infrequent fits and despite numerous tests have yet to find a cause (they ruled out epilepsy).
Appreciate the help offer.


Hi @geoff.hom,
It’s very much like a human would fit which is violent shaking and foaming at the mouth. The cat was also spaced out for maybe 20 minutes post fit. The vet advice was to keep the animal in a safe space preferably on the ground with no lights or noise for an hour after said fit. This lets the animal regain full functions.
BTW there is nothing you can do while the animal fits as you shouldn’t touch the animal as they may lash out without knowing it and also cause harm to themselves. Just make sure there is nothing hard or sharp near the pet during a fit.


Good on you for dealing with it all. Totally forgot about the vet line, thanks for the reminder. Hope all good now :crossed_fingers:


Hi @Cuttlefish. Yes thanks the cat is absolutely fine now. Won’t leave me alone though! :smile: