Celebrity sit?

I’m curious, has anyone ever had a celebrity client?

I know very little about famous people, and even less about sports. I did a sit for a lovely couple, who I spent the evening with before they left. On a table in a discreet area I saw what I thought were two trophies. I didn’t want to embarrass myself in showing how little I knew about sports, and so just said ‘oh, what were those for?’. Turns out they were Oscars. I teased the homeowner, in that he didn’t tell me he was famous. They were a humble, lovely couple, and I’m still in touch with them, years later. Unlikely to be people others would know, so maybe not celebrity status, but certainly the first I’ve ever met who were called up on stage at the Oscars.


I haven’t sat for any celebrity clients but the HO I have booked for June is an author with a major publishing house who has won several recognized awards. When I worked as a nurse in LA I had a number of very famous patients, from film, television, the music world and the art world both in the operating room and on the floor.

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We did a house sit once where the owner of the accommodation was a VERY famous person - We did not get to meet them in person but we did meet their son.

The owner mentioned in her ad that she had worked in the music industry. There was a guitar in the living area in the house.

But turned out she had been manager of a very famous pop band for a few years and then was a club DJ in Ibiza.

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Oh yes…….but it’s top secret.

Only kidding. We have sat for a “Sir” and his Lady wife. Very interesting couple and mega impressed. He was a RAF officer so him and hubby got on like a house on fire.
Also a couple who were authors. They wrote the screenplay of a very famous film. It didn’t twig with us until we saw all the books round the house. Such a fantastic down to earth couple.


When we were doing Airbnb a lady named ‘Jenn Bostic’ booked to stay in our guest room. She told us she would arrive late afternoon as she was a singer and had some promotional work to do in the morning.

The morning of her arrival I was watching the TV when the presenter started to talk about this singer touring the UK and was in concert this weekend …“please welcome Jenn Bostic” - and there she was, our weekend guest, on the telly promoting her tour!

I looked her up and she is well known in some countries but just breaking through in the UK.

As promised, she arrived later that day, was a lovely guest and we got entertained all afternoon her set as she sang and played guitar in her bedroom - then left to play a gig in the evening to hundreds of paying fans!

We also once had a world class violinist stay that had been invited to lead the Halle orchestra to three nights of sell out concerts in the Bridgewater hall - He also ‘warmed up’ with the most beautiful violin music in our guestroom.

…We also had a high ranking UK politician stay on three separate occasions whilst the party conferences were being held in the city.


I once spent the night with Miss New Zealand (former). :wink:

She had asked me to arrive a day early and then left for a month.

Still keep in touch - she wants me to look after her dogs again.

edit; separate rooms of course…


We house sat for a Parisian chef who did cater to celebrities. We also sat for a fellow who was the recipient of endorsement on the show “Dragon’s Den”.

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