Famous people spotting

As we have quite a few “stars” visiting Australia at present, I thought it would be a fun topic for everyone to let us know what famous people they have spotted or more interestingly, met, whilst house-sitting or not sitting.

We currently have Nicolas Cage, Margo Robbie, Ron Howard, Ben Affleck, Paul McCartney, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, Gordon Ramsay plus a few more.

Ron Howard is back on the Gold Coast, as is Jude Law, after spending nearly a year here filming Elvis, the Movie last visit and I have seen him on his morning walks along the beach. He loves it here as nobody bothers him and he can do and go where he pleases without interruption. Just missed seeing Margot Robbie who is also on the Gold Coast. Matt Damon is pretty much an Aussie now as he spends so much of his year now with his family at Chris Hemsworth’s property up the road. He can’t get enough of our lifestyle.

So! Let’s drop a few names and see who has met the most famous - or infamous. Pictures score an extra award, for which there is no prize but envy :wink:

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I think my partner would win this… although not while sitting, she works in film and has shared sets with almost everyone on your list there. She usually works in Toronto while I usually avoid the city, but I did visit her on set one day and I saw Cate Blanchette, which was pretty cool!

Oooh sounds like your partner has a pretty amazing job, @Lindsay! One lucky woman! :100::kangaroo:

We lived for 15 years on the 5th floor of an apartment block, looking down onto Dale Street in Manchester, UK. Probably the most genuine residential street in the UK (The World?)used for filming.

From our balcony, we have sat and watched many adverts, tv shows, and Hollywood movies being created. Sometimes odd scenes, other times weeks of continuous filming

It’s a Sin, The Crown, Das Boot, Sherlock Holmes, Peaky Blinders, Life on Mars, Cold Feet, Shameless, and Captain America to name but a few!

We were all told to keep our windows closed when this scene on Captain America was being shot!



@wow! Talk about being in the right place at the right time - often ! @Colin that must have been so cool :sunglasses:

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We still own the apartment and its location is always a great selling point when letting it out!

It was really interesting watching our street being turned into film sets made to resemble areas from around the world from mainly the early 1920’s-1990’s era.


Would have felt like you were living in a time warp! :man_dancing: Now you just need a Mission Impossible movie!

Oh Colin - you will be in your element. After you admitting to attending the opening of an envelope, this is far more exciting!

Don’t give @Colin any ideas. He will be volunteering as an extra and it will be the BAFTAS before you know it :star_struck:

@Twitcher , I did apply for an extra role but got turned away…it seems my face is better suited to the radio!

I used to work in a high end clothes shop in York about 30 years ago. I’ve served many celebs during my time there including Tommy Cannon, Harry Grayson, Pam Ayres, Sarah Green and Ian Kelsey.
I was shown on tv as a 7 year old as Arnold Palmer walked past me at a golf tournament and did he old pretending to punch me in the stomach, pat on the head routine before giving me a signed gold ball. Also as a kid staying in a scottish hotel I bumped into the Aberdeen team managed at the time by Sir Alex Ferguson who gave me his signature and offered match tickets.
A few months ago I volunteered for a charity that helped wrist band VIP guests for the Bruce Springsteen concert at Hyde Park (London) and had to wristband Rodger Federer and his wife. It was only a couple minutes chat while I put wristbands on them both but he was very chatty.
Lastly I’ve met Carl Fogarty a number of times as I’m friends with his brother in law. I’ve known his daughter that recently did the reality tv show (not up on such) since she was little


David Byrne, Peter Gabriel, Billy Joel, Jimmy Carter, George HW Bush, George Foreman, Eric Clapton, Muhammad Ali, Buddy Guy, Dizzy Gillespie, Sarah Vaughn, I’m sure I’ll think of others.

Made George Foreman carry my bags.


Two that spring to mind are meeting Mick Jagger in Bali many years ago, and in Venice I think that I saw Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie while they were filming The Tourist in 2009 or am I imagining that? :joy:

Also a long time ago, I met Michael Hutchence of INxS in Sydney before they were super famous, the band was support band to a band my boyfriend at the time was in.

I met the American artist James Rosenquist in Bali in the mid 1990s.


Wow! Some really exciting meets by everyone! Moments in time we never forget :tada:

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I worked in a well-known hospital in LA in the 80s and had many celebrities as patients in the operating room. Unfortunately, I have to keep their names confidential, although one of my patients on the post-partum floor received a gorgeous flower arrangement from Ron and Nancy and Kris Kristoferrson’s wife had just given birth and he was walking around in scrubs.


Oh! I just remembered! When we were doing Airbnb we had Jenn Bostic stay in our guest room whilst she was performing in Manchester.

She is a country singer, well known in the USA and was really lovely.


I lived in Los Angeles for 40 years and saw more famous people than I can recount. The last 10, before I moved to Germany, I volunteered with an animal rescue as handled VIPs so I met a lot of famous people. But biggest of all, I attended the Emmy Awards in 2008 and saw, literally, a roomful of actors. :laughing: At the time, Two and a Half Men was on and Charlie Sheen (pre-Tiger Blood days :nauseated_face:) was up for Best Actor and he was my teenage crush in the 80s so I got a pic with him at the limo callback area after the event. And yes, those are porta-johns behind him. Fancy! :joy:


I always loved the scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off where he flirts with Ferris’ sister at the police station :rofl:

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@ziggy During hubby’s career as a Captain with British Airways he flew several celebrities including Madonna and Daniel Craig and I have sat next to numerous celebrities on these flights. However, our most memorable encounter was when we were leaving Mission Ranch in Carmel, CA which is owned by Clint Eastwood and as we left the restaurant, there was the man himself! He looked at us and gave us both the Dirty Harry smile. Priceless! :grin:


@Samox24 wow, now that’s a few names to drop! But to see Clint Eastwood in the flesh and for him to throw out that smile? Priceless! :raised_hands:

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