Sitters with limited information on profile

Hello, I have a posted sit, down to 4 days before we leave & we have not confirmed a sitter.
We finally got 1 person who applied last night. Planning to talk to them this morning. When I look at their profile, they are verified for email, phone, ID, background check for the USA. Trying to figure out if I am being to picky here.

I have had other sits, invited other sitters with little or no reviews but all of those provided some other reference. Either a personal reference post or links to their linkedin or airbnb. I like even the reference to Airbnb, those reviews at least show me they can stay in someone’s home, leave it clean & have good interactions. Linkedin, shows employment/resume, coworkers that may provide reference to this person.

This person who has applied, has 3 pictures of just them. They used to own a dog but it has since passed away. They didn’t even use an older picture of them with their dog to show they are pet lovers. They also mention they used to sit for a neighbor who has since moved away. So my concern, no pictures with any animals, no references or links to other social media. I don’t mind giving someone a chance & I am really stressed that we leave this Sunday & we don’t have anything lined up. I am feeling desperate but very cautious as this is my home and my 3 dogs are my babies.

Am I out of line to ask for some other type of reference? What else can I do/say in the call we plan on having in a couple of hours?


Ask as much as you can during the call.
Ask them to walk you through their home and you can see if it’s a mess or if it’s tidy.
Ask how much time they plan to spend at your house and for how long and where they want to go for sightseeing.

I don’t need reviews or references, because you never know how truthful they are. Trust your gut feeling and don’t ignore red flags. If anything doesn’t feel right, don’t confirm them even if they are the only ones who have applied.
But! Give new sitters a chance! Tell them you need more information to feel comfortable and that their profile isn’t helpful.


I’d agree with this apart from @travel2sunshine asking to be walked through the prospective sitter’s home….


It would not have to be the complete house/home, but this was one of the reasons for me to choose my last sitters. During the video call I had the chance to see a part of their home and, because they didn’t have any reviews or references, I took a closer look how everything was decorated, how well maintained and clean it was. I would not do this necessarily with sitters who have a lot of reviews, but with newbies, why not?
It’s them who have to convince me.


Oh dear, I recently had to do a video call when caring for my elderly mother in her old, shabby and very cluttered farmhouse instead of my modern and spotlessly-clean central London house. Luckily the HO still gave me the sit!


You’ve also got to convince the sitters. We take on a lot of responsibility


I don’t doubt this, but this was mainly about new sitters without reviews and only basic information on their profile, who are looking for their first sit, not about experienced sitters with many reviews :wink:


Well yes, of course. But this question was about a particular circumstance of having a sitter apply without much info and how to handle that specific issue.

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Thanks for the feedback. The video call went really well & I since it was a zoom, I had an email address that had a last name & that helped me find them on Linkedin. We both felt good & comfortable to the point I thought we might have a confirmed sit. Unfortunately, she needs to fly home & can’t take the sit. So we are back to looking… 3 days and counting… I don’t think my sit will be filled from this site unfortunately, time to start looking at Rover & friends to help out.