Chatting One To One On The Forum - Member's Best Practises

Best Practices For One To One Forum “Chats”

It’s great to see forum members making connections and building a strong community however when you do connect with another member and start chatting one to one, please take it off the open forum and use the Direct Message option, that way you can continue the conversation without it getting “lost” in the thread or taking the conversation off topic.

Why do you need to do this?

Imagine sitting in a group discussing an important subject and mid discussion two participants start chatting together about meeting for lunch, food preferences and which restaurant to try …… it would be extremely difficult for others in the conversation to stay focussed and on topic.

Don’t know how to use the Direct Message Option? Follow this link >>>>
Not tech savvy! How to send a direct message

Feel free to DM either Vanessa or myself if any clarification is needed.

Thank you everyone, happy chatting :slight_smile:


Personally, I think it is a shame that you are not encouraging ( discouraging?) open discussions. I want to know what everyone thinks about a topic and my pet hate is seeing a conversation brought swiftly to an end and shifted to private messaging.
In your analogy, to me, its the equivalent of two members of a group leaving an important subject mid discussion to go whispering in the corner


@Colin perhaps this needs explaining a little better.

We are not discouraging open discussions, that is what the forum is for, just one to one chit chat which develop into "personal’ conversations, not relevant to the discussion or topic … there have been a few already where we have suggested members continue their conversation via DM.

Any comments or discussions which are of value and benefit to all members will and should remain on the open forum.

Thank you @Angela-CommunityManager for posting this as there are definitely threads where chit-chat between two members takes it away from the real discussion and should be DM instead.