Checklist - Final steps in creating your listing

Owners - you’ve created your listing and now it’s gone live. Congratulations :clap: Now you’re ready to travel. Now you eagerly await those applications. :grinning: :computer: :iphone: :thinking:

Not so fast … some final checks to be done. Search your listing, on the website and the app. It’s important to do both as they display differently.


Is your location showing when you add it to the search bar? It doesn’t always happen automatically - you may be the first to have listed in your location. If it does not, contact membership services and ask for it to be added. Make it easier for sitters to find you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Do a search and filter for dates, pets, & any other filters and make sure your listing still displays. :face_with_monocle:

First photo

Look at what displays. Is it displaying as you expected? Landscape layout (envelope shape) fits best - portrait format often doesn’t display well.

All photos

Captions attached to photos only display in the app. Make sure any important information with your photos is also in your listing. Otherwise, those reading on the website will not be aware of it.

Listing title

Did you waste words including dates, location, or pet type(s)? Look at what displayed in your searches. That information is already there. Choose your words wisely, to promote your key feature.


Add some white space (extra blank lines) to avoid long blocks of text. Make it easier for people to read it. Make sure you’ve grouped together content on the same topic.

Remember you will create a Welcome Guide, so not everything has to be in your listing. Stay focussed. What day is garbage day & when do the bins need to go out? That’s for the Welcome Guide. It won’t help a sitter decide whether to apply. :wink:

If you’ve read this far - thank you. My white space worked. :smiley:


Thank you @Snowbird this is excellent and owners advice directly from a sitter’s POV … you can’t get any better recommendation or tutorial on “How To Create The Perfect Listing” :wink: :clap: