Need Help With Your Owner Listing?

Creating a thorough owner listing with plenty of pictures and information is key to securing the perfect sitter for your home and pet.

Of course, it can be hard to know how to get started. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide for your reference, so that when you’re creating your owner listing, you know exactly what it takes to get your listing to stand out to potential sitters…


Great to see you posting this on the forum @Angela_L and not just relying on owners, especially new ones, to read the blog on the website.

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Thank you for this! In section number 6, I think it is best NOT to put the number of days of the sit in the TITLE of the listing. This would need to be changed each time. You might want to edit that. In the section about “Home and Location,” it would be nice to suggest that people who live in cities state the AREA within the city where they live. For example, in San Francisco, it might say, we live in “Noe Valley” or “Outer Sunset.” Even in the medium sized city where I grew up, there are many different areas, each with a unique personality. This might be important to sitters, and owners don’t always think to include this information.

@PVGemini The way I read #6, it’s in agreement with you.

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Yes, that is what it says in #6, but after that, also in #6, this example is given as a suggestion:

Trusted tip: Stuck for inspiration? Keep it short and to the point by simply stating how many and what pets they’ll be caring for, and where. For example, ‘Pet sitter needed for 10 nights for three cats in New York City’.

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I am choosing to respond to this post, how to create the perfect owner listing, so that it will once more be visible. The sage advice in that blog post, if overlooked, can often result in sits not being filled.

Sitters repeatedly support the content of that blog post. Many sitters say that when a listing is inadequate in its content, they will not apply and ask for further information. :thinking:

Some listings have titles that show dates (unnecessary anyway) that are from months, and sometimes years ago. Or the title refers to Christmas and the sit is in September. Some sitters will not even click on the listing to read those. Yet another missed opportunity for an owner. A simple edit to create an inviting listing title can make a world of difference. :grinning:

Owners, please take the time to review your listing, including (and especially) if it is not your first time listing. It’s no longer acceptable to list without core photos - exterior, pet(s), and interior ones that include living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom that the sitter will be using. As for listing details, generally speaking, more is better. :slightly_smiling_face:

Many sitters are reading listings every day. Please don’t give them any reason to pass yours by. :worried:

Volunteer moderator :canada:


Hey there fellow Sitter’s.
How many photos should I put up of my house ? Inside and outside ? How many photos of my cat ? Thankyou in advance . This is my first time advertising for a sitter .

Inside photos should be bright (use a phone setting to increase brightness of photos if necessary) uncluttered, and show the sitters’ bedroom, bathroom, living areas and kitchen.

Outside photos are important if it has attractive features (pool, patio, etc) and/or if there is any gardening or other outside work (pool maintenance, snow shoveling, gardening, etc).

One or two photos of the cat are enough.

Some sitters think that photos of local scenery or tourist attractions are redundant, but I like to see them.

Good luck



We are fairly new to TH and were meant to move into our new flat last week when we had a sudden and unexpected bereavement. We were meaning to get into the flat, shoot photos and then be able to list our flat, but now of course we can’t do that until we move in 2 weeks from now.

I’m wondering what kinds of photos really make people interested in a sit? Honestly our place is a kind of generic new build flat, and while it will have aesthetic appeal to some once our furniture is in there, I would have thought our location in a cool neighbourhood in Edinburgh plus our adorable 2.5 year old cockapoo would be much more exciting a draw than our sort of boring, cookie cutter kitchen.

That said, there’s a nice balcony! :smiley:

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Hello, @Shellie I would like to wish you a very warm welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the community forum. I am really sorry to hear about your recent loss and hope that the final flat move goes smoothly for you.

As a member of the forum, you can connect with other members, receive feedback and advice about your listing and use the spyglass to search for any previously discussed housesitting questions.

You can also post the link to your TrustedHousesitters listing on your forum profile, that way other members can see it and provide feedback and tips.

Here is how:

There is also a help desk article about the photos on a home listing:

I am sure that you will also get some great feedback from other community members. Personally, as a sitter, it is nice to see a clear photo of each room that I will be using and preferably furnished and lived in how I will experience the home. Empty rooms or commercial photos do not always give the sitter the overall feel of the home and how they will be using the space.

I have been to Edinburgh and agree that the location along with a fabulous cockapoo is also a massive draw!

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

@Carla_C was very sucscint.

Sitters want to see the space they are going to live in while they are staying in your home.

And also a good understanding of the needs of your pets and your home in your listing. The more upfront you are the better chance the correct sitters for your needs will apply.

There are plenty of great seasoned sitters and eager new sitters.

Communication ( and cleanliness) is key!

Scotland is on our travel list in the next couple years🙂

Keep us posted!


Thank you all for your comments. We have now finally moved into our flat and just submitted our first listing, so I hope our photos end up being OK! There’s still a lot of boxes around here and we’ll get that sorted before our first sitter comes. :innocent:


I recently tried to search my listing to make sure it was coming up, and it unfortunately was not showing as a search result when I used certain filters (Ie. Can use your car, family friendly, etc.) and searched in my map area. I double checked that my ad does have these amenities selected. What could be the issue??

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Hi @LemonLime and welcome.
Do you have any current dates listed?

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Thank you! And yes, our dates are current. A link to our listing is included in my forum profile.

It doesn’t appear when I filter with “high speed internet, use of car, families welcome” in our map area, even though we have those amenities selected. :face_with_monocle:

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I did a search in your area and selected the ‘by distance’ filter and yours was the first listing.
Perhaps sitters cannot do a filter on amenities in a particular area. I am sure one of the moderators will be along soon to assist you.

Hello @LemonLime - What a great user name :grin:

I have had a look at your listing logged into my sitter’s profile and can see as @Twitcher mentioned that when I search Richmond, CA and select the ‘distance’ filter your listing is the first result, but as you mentioned if I try and select any of the filters that correspond with your listing eg ‘family-friendly’ then your listing does not appear.

I will therefore flag this with the tech team and get back to you.
Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

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@LemonLime This has been flagged as a small bug and the tech team is working on it now. Please look out for an update from the Membership Service team via email. Feel free to DM me if you have any more questions. Thank you :slight_smile:

Has the distance filter now been removed? Personally I found it quite useful but I cannot seem to see it now.

Hello @Twitcher - The distance filter is still there on the website. You can use the distance filter for a city, for example, London, but not for an region for example Kent, UK (Please see the screenshots as they might help)

Try using distance for a city and any issues let me know :slight_smile: