Need Help With Your Owner Listing?

Creating a thorough owner listing with plenty of pictures and information is key to securing the perfect sitter for your home and pet.

Of course, it can be hard to know how to get started. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide for your reference, so that when you’re creating your owner listing, you know exactly what it takes to get your listing to stand out to potential sitters…

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Great to see you posting this on the forum @Angela-CommunityManager and not just relying on owners, especially new ones, to read the blog on the website.

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Thank you for this! In section number 6, I think it is best NOT to put the number of days of the sit in the TITLE of the listing. This would need to be changed each time. You might want to edit that. In the section about “Home and Location,” it would be nice to suggest that people who live in cities state the AREA within the city where they live. For example, in San Francisco, it might say, we live in “Noe Valley” or “Outer Sunset.” Even in the medium sized city where I grew up, there are many different areas, each with a unique personality. This might be important to sitters, and owners don’t always think to include this information.

@PVGemini The way I read #6, it’s in agreement with you.

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Yes, that is what it says in #6, but after that, also in #6, this example is given as a suggestion:

Trusted tip: Stuck for inspiration? Keep it short and to the point by simply stating how many and what pets they’ll be caring for, and where. For example, ‘Pet sitter needed for 10 nights for three cats in New York City’.