New to Site - Listing Advice?

I’m new to TrustedHousesitters and just posted my first listing. I wasn’t really sure what or how much to say?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Also, I started on my Welcome Guide… is there a way to add a backup vet? I put in my regular vet, but if there is an off-hour emergency, then we also have a 24/7 animal hospital nearby that I would like to list. However, I don’t see a built-in way to list that. TIA!

Hello @Alexis and welcome to the forum and to TrustedHousesitters. I’ll add a blog post below that should help you review your listing content.

I am a sitter so don’t have access to see how the Welcome Guide is created. However, there are two tabs in the guide for vet information. Perhaps you could add the regular one under the pets tab and the secondary one under the emergency tab. You can also leave extra information at your home or email it directly to your chosen sitter.

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Hi @Alexis , I generated my own Welcome Guide on a word doc. I followed the same categories in the same order as the THS one. This way you are not limited in the number of items you can add in certain categories as per the THS system guide. I found the THS guide very difficult to complete, edit, format and print.

Once you have a confirmed sitter there is usually an exchange of contact details, phone number, email etc to enable you to email your own guide should choose to go that route.

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Hi Alexis: I’m a sitter and just had a look at your listing. The photos are terrific and appears to include every room in your house which looks very welcoming. You’ve provided detailed information which is great. You note that you live on the first floor of a three story home so my question would be - are there other people inhabiting the remainder of the home? If I was going to apply on your listing I’d like to know this.

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The 4th pic from the end should be a meme. And it’s pretty much what I’m doing right now! :joy: :rofl:

The listing is great. The more info the better IMO.

Thank you all for your feedback!

@Manunited - Great idea! I think a Word doc will work easier for us and allow us to add pictures, excerpts from appliance manuals, etc.

@Globetrotter - Thanks for the input! I have added info clarifying (hopefully) that the other two floors are owner-occupied with a separate entrance and will take care of the trash/recycling for the entire house.

@BillyBonnieBenji - I debated whether to include that photo but just couldn’t resist. All she needs is a mini beer (or maybe vodka) bottle to complete the picture!

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Best of luck Alexis on your listing - I’m sure you’ll have no problem attracting great sitters!