How To Choose The Perfect Pictures For Your Owner Listing

When creating a successful owner listing, there are several things to consider in order to entice sitters, from writing an engaging introduction to taking great photos of your pets and home. Your listing is your chance to show off your home and pets to potential sitters, and representing your home as accurately as can be will help you on your way to finding the perfect sitter in no time.

Angela, I never understood WHY we must use the same photo for a profile as a sitter and a listing as an owner.

I tried to load 2 different photos, assuming owners would like to see more of my husband and I with (or without) pets who are not belonging to us, when sitters much prefer to see us with our pets.
but so far, THS uses the same photo. Very tiny screen.
I thought Ben was changing the look of listings, i don’t see the difference yet.

I thank you to give advices to owners. Many don’t show any indoors pictures. Do they fear sitters ?
Only 2 cats and 1 dog & the Eiffel tower were shown on an ad I applied for a few days (the owner warned me Eiffel tower was near by but not visible from her windows). No other picture was shown on my last Paris application (cancelled yesterday because of new lockdown)
I had planned to ask the owner why she was hiding how her flat looked like. But the lady was really charming on the phone so I’m sure it was nice. Other sitters’ s feedbacks were very positive, but did not give any info on her Paris flat as this owner moved lately to France…

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