Children and Cars

Hello, I’m new here, currently listing as an owner. On the posting options for listing a housesitting request under the section “Your Home” we get the option to say our home is suitable for children and also the option to say we are willing to provide a car. Both of these options have two possible answers: Yes & No. Which I’m guessing then translates to search engine dynamics meaning a sitter with children would never see my posting. But the answer on both of these options is “it depends”. Those are both very big considerations and would need more discussion and also with the car potentially logistic issues to be solved. Or how many kid and how young (for both the home and for the pet’s sake). Please update it to allow for answers and search engine results that would respond to “let’s talk about it” or “it depends”. Thanks!

Hi @LizaB ,

Welcome to the forum and to TrustedHousesitters. I agree that it would be nice to have this option for homeowners because you’re are correct it heavily depends on the situation and how comfortable you feel with the sitters and there are a myriad of options when it comes to “family friendly.” For example I have a one year old and many people would be fine with a teenager as apart of the “family friendly” situation but not a toddler. Rest assured I have passed it on to the correct department. In the the mean time I would recommend to you what many of us homeowners have done to address this issue. In our profile we have written “We do have a spare car that we do sometimes give permission to use but that would need to be discussed and agreed to prior to our departure.”

You could write something similar about “family friendly” while selecting that option that way you won’t immediately be removed from sitters that do have children with them in their search for a sit.

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Thanks Kelly!

Yes I agree with all of the above and in fact right after writing the post here I decided to check off “yes” to children and out a note in my listing that it all depends. :full_moon_with_face:

As a sitter, I can’t speak to the children issue - but can to the car issue. If the sit is not clearly urban or public transportation is noted, I ask about use of a car. I’ve used HOs’ cars on about half of my sits with no real issues - including in the UK (driving on the other side and shifting with my left arm) and South Korea and a different alphabet on the road signs.
If the HO is willing we can talk, if not, them the sit probably won’t work for me unless it is very near my home.